Dishwashing Equipment

Commercial Dishwashers

Choose the ideal commercial dishwasher to ensure clean and sanitized glassware and dinnerware. No matter what size or type of foodservice operation you are running, you are sure to generate plenty of dirty dishes.

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Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial Sinks

Varying in size and style, commercial sinks are a must have to comply with health codes. Any establishment where food is handled, or dishes are washed is required by local health codes to have specific sinks.

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Commercial Sinks

Underbar Equipment

Whether you require sinks, liquor displays, blending stations, or storage, underbar equipment is ideal for making the most of your bar's workspace. Whether you need sinks, ice bins, blender stations, liquor displays, or storage, Burkett has the perfect equipment for behind your bar.

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Underbar Equipment

Commercial Faucets

Far more durable than residential systems, commercial kitchen faucets use more heavy-duty materials to extend its life. We offer various styles of faucets, hose reels, pre-rinse systems, and eyewash stations for all of your commercial faucet needs.

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Commercial Faucets

Commercial Dish Tables

Ensure that clean and dirty dishes are kept separate with both clean and soiled dish tables. Most health codes require designated locations for both clean and soiled dishes to ensure they are kept separate.

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Dish Tables

Dishwashing Carts & Dollies

Commercial kitchen carts & dollies are very helpful tools in bussing and warewashing work. Move entire dishwashing racks with dish dollies or choose a simple utility cart for moving tubs and more.

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Commercial Kitchen Carts & Dollies

Dishwashing Supplies

Complete your sanitation process with supplies like bus tubs, dishwasher racks, and pre-rinse baskets. Flatware holders and cylinders can keep your kitchen flatware organized after cleanings.

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Dish and Tray Dispensers

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Every foodservice establishment needs a warewashing station. Whether you need a simple dishwashing sink or an array of commercial dishwashers, you’ll find all the equipment you need to keep your kitchen sanitary. It is important to have all of the proper equipment to handle whatever volume you need. Learning and following your local sanitary codes is just the beginning, as sanitation is an ongoing process. When warewashing and sanitation is kept at the core of an establishment, everything else is given the environment it needs to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Warewashing Equipment

What Kind of Warewashing Equipment Will I Need for My Business?

The bare minimum you will need for any foodservice establishment is a sink. Three compartment sinks are the best option for most, as you can have a compartment for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing to follow required sanitation standards. It is also important to have a dedicated hand washing sink. Hand washing is extremely important in any industry, and using any sink that is not exclusively used for hand washing is not proper procedure. If you serve any fresh produce, it is also necessary to have a sink specifically for washing them.

If your restaurant uses non-disposable dishes, you will likely need a dishwasher. There are a wide variety of options for different needs. You can wash a constant flow of dishes or the occasional pot and pan depending on the model you choose. With a bar you will need a variety of underbar equipment. This includes sinks, tables, dishwashers, and more. An underbar unit is a low-profile version of the item that is perfect to fit in the small space behind your bar.

There are also a variety of accessories that are essential to warewashing. Dish carts and dish dollies are perfect for moving large quantities of washed dishes from the warewashing station to the serving station. There are also bussing carts that allow you to easily move bus tubs full of dishes from the restaurant floor to the kitchen. Other options that can be helpful additions to your warewashing station include garbage disposals that you can add to your sinks to help keep food from clogging up the pipes, dish tables for placing both soiled and clean dishes on before and after washing, and a variety of faucet assemblies.

Do I Need a Sink if I Have a Dishwasher?

Yes. You will always need a sink in any kitchen, even if you have a dishwasher. Some items are not dishwasher safe so they will need to be washed by hand. On occasion, even dishwasher-safe wares will need an additional hand-washed touch. You can also use a sink for washing the odd dish you need without running a full dishwasher cycle.

How Do I Ensure I Am Following Sanitation Standards?

Each state has their own sanitation requirements, but they are generally very similar. You can find the specific requirements that will apply to you on the FDA website. Washing your hands and changing gloves often is an essential part of any kitchen, but so are the lesser thought of things like cleaning out your ice bins and using the correct temperature water in your sink. It's best practice to keep a checklist nearby with all of the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that need to be done to keep everything up to code.