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A wide variety of professional cutlery is needed to meet the demands of most commercial kitchens. Each type of knife is designed for specific tasks, such as slicing, carving, boning or paring. Whether you run a restaurant or simply want a fully equipped residential kitchen, having enough knives on hand will expedite many aspects of food preparation.

Many processes in the commercial kitchen require specific kitchen knives to get the job done. Whether you are chopping, paring, carving or slicing, there is a piece of cutlery that will perfect the process. When shopping for knives, consider the blade’s size and material, the shape of the edge, the material the handle is made from and the overall balance of the knife. The blade material is a very important factor. Most professional knives are made of carbon steel, which is strong and easily sharpened, but also vulnerable to rust and stains. Stainless steel blades are not usually found in a commercial kitchen. Standard stainless steel is difficult to sharpen and does not hold an edge well. The best blade material is high carbon stainless steel. Which is easy to maintain, and posses rust and stain resistant qualities.

The edge-type and the shape of the blade and tip determines the function of commercial kitchen cutlery. For example, a long, serrated blade with a rounded tip is ideal for slicing bread, while paring requires a short blade with a pointed tip and a straight or hollow-ground edge. The knife handle will be constructed of plastic, wood or stainless steel. The handle material will affect the longevity, grip, balance and weight of the knife, as well as the maintenance required. It is most important to choose a handle material that the chef is comfortable with. The tang, or the part of the blade that extends into the handle, should be embedded all the way to the butt of the handle. This will ensure maximum balance and durability for the chef.

In this section you will also find complete knife sets, shears, knife sharpeners and all the other accessories that will keep your kitchen cutlery and professional knives in tip top shape Choose from a variety of different butcher steels, sharpening stones and more to keep the blade of your cooking knives sharp enough to cut through anything.

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