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Bakery Equipment Buyer Guide

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Burkett Restaurant Equipment supplies a full line of Bakery Equipment and Supplies. If you want more information or have any questions feel free to contact us by email or call 1-800-828-8564.

Why buy Bakery Equipment from Burkett Restaurant Equipment?

Burkett Restaurant Equipment carries a full selection of Bakery Equipment and Supplies for your business. We offer FREE SHIPPING on many refrigerated freight items going to any business in the United States. Our competitive pricing offers you the comfort of knowing you are getting the best deal possible without price searching.

What type of Bakery Equipment do you sell?

Bun Pan Racks

Bun pan racks are used to hold your sheet pans. Bun Pan Racks come in either Half Size or Full Size Models to fit your needs.

Proofing Cabinets

A proofing oven which uniformly proofs large quantities of raised-dough goods and eliminates the need for special expertise to produce uniformly-proofed baked goods. Comes in either clear door or solid door.

Display Cases

Curve Glass Bakery Display Cases

  • Dual Display Cases - (one side refrigerated) Perfect to merchandise cakes/pies side by side with pastries/breads
  • Refrigerated - wonderful presentations for your refrigerated products
  • Non Refrigerated - allow your customers to clearly see what's available

Straight Glass Deli Display Cases

Dough Presses

Pressing redistributes the gas and air cells in the dough allowing you to press and dress then bake and still get a nice light textured finished crust.

Dough Sheeters

Sheeting will give you a thinner crust than pressing will, but sheeting will also give you a more fully degassed dough skin meaning that unless you allow some time for the dough to proof/rise it will tend to be rather flat.


Used to produce dough used in preparing foods. Mixers are available in either 7qt, 10qt, 20qt, 30qt, 40qt, 60qt, and 80qt. sizes. Come with mixing bowl, wire whisk, dough hook and spatula. Available in Countertop or Floor form.

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