Commercial Food Smokers

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Commercial food smokers cook meats to perfection and produce the smoky tastes we associate with an open fire or outdoor grill.

These commercial ovens are ideal for providing a smoked flavor that guests will adore! These restaurant smokers are ideal for spaces that are limited because they are designed to be used indoors. This collection of BBQ smoking ovens come equipped with movable and lockable casters. Making these units easy to move gives them and your kitchen more versatility. Similar to cook and hold ovens, these smoker ovens will fully cook meats and then hold them at the proper hot temperatures until plating or serving.

Foods that are traditionally smoked include fish, cheese, and red meat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with just about any food you want! Commercial smokers cook foods to perfection and produce smoky flavors by heating wet wood chips until they smoke. Smoking timers provide you the option to smoke items with a mild, medium, or heavy flavor.

Halo Heat Technology

Keeping your cooking controlled and uniform is made simple with Alto Shaam's Halo Heat Technology. Jerry Maahs, the founder of Alto-Shaam, was looking for a way to keep meals hot during delivery in the 1960s. Jerry experimented with thermal heat by encircling insulated containers with cables, which led to the creation of Halo Heat® technology. This technology reduces shrinkage of the bulk protein items, provides a higher food moisture content, and stimulates natural enzyme action in the meat for tenderizing.


The type of commercial BBQ smoker you need should depend more so on the types and quantities of foods you want to smoke, as opposed to how much space you have available.

We offer double deck cabinet smokers that can hold multiple pans for smoking a large quantity of products at once. Double section smoking ovens can hold typically 10 to 14 full size sheet pans. The double stacked design gives you more smoking power and capacity in one footprint. These full-size smokers are great for medium to high-volume smoking.

Single deck smokers are also available and can deliver the same performance in a smaller space. These single deck units can fit in tight kitchen layouts or even under countertops. Smoking ovens can usually hold between 3 and 5 full size sheet pans, or 6 – 10 half size sheet pans. The design of these single cook and hold smokers is great in low to medium-volume operations.

Pros and Cons of an indoor smoker oven

Operators that want to offer smoked meats on their menu but lack the outdoor area for an outdoor smoker will find that commercial indoor smokers are a perfect alternative. Indoor smokers are typically smaller than outdoor smokers and come in a variety of sizes and interior layouts to fit your kitchen area.

Pros: Some positive features of indoor smokers are that they are conveniently located inside kitchens alongside other cooking equipment, also this makes them not weather-dependent. Since these units can fit inside kitchens, they are great for urban areas and establishments with little or no outdoor space.

Cons: Some drawbacks to these indoor smoking ovens is that they offer less fuel options while also being smaller in dimensions than an outdoor smoker. Also it is important to know that with an indoor smoker, you will need to have a Type I kitchen hood for proper ventilation.

We offer indoor commercial smokers in a variety of sizes and types, so you can use your smoker all year round!

For a variety of flavors, try these different types of wood chips in your food smoker!

Several different species of wood are used for smoking. Each wood creates a different flavor enhancement and is traditionally used on only certain types of food.

  • Apple and cherry wood add a sweet, fruity taste to the meat and are used primarily on veal, pork and poultry.
  • Cedar chips or whole planks are used to smoke fish and add a tangy sweetness.
  • Hickory is the most common wood used for smoking. It is used on game meats, pork and beef and adds a strong, hearty flavor.
  • Mesquite is another commonly used wood. It adds a light, sweet flavor to the food and is used on most meats and vegetables.