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What is a Bain Marie Heater?

Bain marie heaters are often referred to as food rethermalizers. A Bain Marie heater uses a chamber of hot water to dethaw or keep foods warm. The unit gently heats water to a set temperature, with the food pan then placed into the water. The water temperature won't exceed the boiling point, so there is a less chance of food burning or sticking to the pan. Bain marie rethermalizers warm chilled and frozen food to safe and tasty temperatures without overcooking it, scorching it, or reducing its quality.

Because they can reheat frozen bulk foods through the temperature danger zone, food rethermalizers are ideal for cafeterias, health care facilities, buffets, and catering companies. The water circulation design prevents cold spots from forming during the heating process, ensuring that your products heat evenly and safely.

Our electric Bain Marie heaters come in a variety of wattages to support whatever electrical system your commercial kitchen supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bain Marie Heaters

What is the Difference between Rethermalizers and Food Warmers?

Rethermalizers and bain-marie heaters, have the power to bring foods through the temperature “danger zone,” which is between 41 degrees and 139 degrees Fahrenheit. Most food warmers are not designed to heat foods through this “danger zone.”