Hanging Heat Lamps

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Add some light, warmth, and style to your foodservice business with a ceiling mounted heat lamp.

When you have food on display in your dining hall, cafeteria, buffet, restaurant, or any other commercial kitchen, it's critical that you maintain it at the proper serving temperatures. Whether its those hot mozzarella sticks, fresh-off-the-grill steaks, or a warm apple pie, you can keep your dishes at the ideal finish with one of our ceiling mounted heat lamps.


These hanging lamps are all meant to be mounted to your establishment's ceiling, so there is no worry about bothersome wires on the ground creating tripping hazards for customers and employees. Installation is simple and quick. There are multiple styles of ceiling mounted lamps to choose from.

Lights are mounted using either a suspension bar or track, or single unit lamps are mounted using a retractable mount. Single bar suspended lights are great for spotlighting individual foods or entire buffet lines. These types of ceiling mounted lamps are also great for bars and bar seating areas.

Retractable Cord

With a retractable cord holding the heat lamp, some of these models allow you to adjust the height of the lamp. This allows you to raise lamps while staff are cleaning tables or countertops, then lower lamps once again when seating guests. Because these units provide heat, the retractable cord is great for adjusting the height of lamps so guests can have light without the heat.


Our selection of ceiling mounted heat lamps offers a wide range in number of bulbs, ranging from single bulb units all the way up to eight bulb units. With multiple choices of exterior finishes, including aluminum, nickel, and steel, you can find the right heat lamp to match not only your kitchen's food holding needs, but also your businesses décor and atmosphere.

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