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Food Warmers and Dispensers

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Commercial Countertop Warmers are perfect for concession stands, self-serving and full service buffets, and many other settings and establishments. Burkett Restaurant Equipment offers a large selection of styles, sizes, controls, and features to meet all of your needs.

What type of food warmer do I need?

The type of a food warmer depends on what you would put into it. To keep large amounts of food in full size pans warm, you will need a full size warmer. Kettle warmers are great for stocks, chili, and other sauces either in the back of the house or available to your customers. Soup warmers are great for smaller applications of soups such as at a buffet style restaurant where people can grab their own soup, but the soup isn't the star of the show. Well warmers are a good choice for ice cream toppings, syrups, and other small batches of liquids that are served in small portions.

What are the physical differences between the styles?

Full size food warmers are generally rectangular in shape, holding a full sized pan. Kettle warmers tend to have the cauldron shape, with a more curved outer shell and an inside varying from the same shape to cylindrical. Round food warmers generally take on a cylinder shape, with an indented lip near the opening. Lastly, well warmers have a rectangular base, with one or more wells nested side by side into heated holes.

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