Chip Warmers

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Ensure your nachos have the fresh, crispy taste guests look for with a commercial chip warmer.

Ever tried ordering nachos and the chips arrived cold? The experience and taste of the nachos is simply not as enjoyable without hot, salty tortilla chips. Bulk chip warmers are perfect for a restaurant kitchen that serves up lots of hot chips. This type of food warmer is ideal for heating and crisping large quantities of tortilla chips with efficiency for high volume service, especially during peak serving hours. They feature a top loading style so the first chip in is always the first chip out.

The large chip capacity and convection style heating element makes bulk chip warmers an essential piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen that serves up large volumes of chips regularly. Chip warmers that circulate hot air are a great choice for keeping chips extra crispy.

Chip Warmer Construction

Most models are constructed of stainless steel to give you a chip warmer that is both attractive and easy to clean. This makes these units good for either front-of-house or back-of-house use. Consider purchasing a bulk chip warmer that has a crumb drawer to make cleaning a breeze.

Ensure every basket of fresh chips you serve is crispy and perfect with the addition of a bulk chip warmer to your warming and holding equipment. Bulk chip warmers are great for businesses like sports bars and Mexican restaurants that serve a high volume of items like nachos or serve tortilla chips with salsa instead of a bread basket.

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Check out nacho chip merchandisers for more visually appealing nacho containers. These units not only keep chips fresh, but they can attract new customers.

To complete your nachos setup, you cant forget the toppings. Nacho cheese dispensers or pump dispensers, make adding hot, delicious sauces easy for staff and guests.

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