Steam Kettles

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Efficiently steam high volumes of foods daily with a commercial steam kettle.

Foodservice facilities that make large quantities of soups or sauces every day will need a steam kettle. The ideal kitchen appliance for fast reheating pasta, soup, chili, and other dishes is a steam kettle. These units feature a steam jacket that produces even heat. In steam kettles, the cooking chamber is surrounded by a jacket of hot, pressurized steam. The steam uniformly cooks the meal, preventing hot or cold spots. You will want to consider the power type and whether or not the kettle needs to tilt or remain stationary.

Steam Kettle Jackets

Steam kettles have an extra jacket on the outside of the main bowl, which is either permanently sealed with water or can be hooked into a building’s steam lines. For permanently sealed models, the steam can be produced using either gas or electric burners. Direct steam models are ideal in buildings with a centralized boiler. Since the steam does not come into contact with the food, it does not have to be food safe for direct steam models.


Offering kettles that can hold anywhere from 6 gallons to 40 gallons, we are sure Burkett has the commercial steam kettle your foodservice business. We offer steam kettles that are mostly floor models, but we also have a countertop model for those commercial kitchens with space restrictions. View our collection of commercial steamers for more countertop configurations.


Kettles that can be manually tilted are easier to completely empty and give employees the ability to reach inside for better cleaning. For higher production kitchens, consider commercial tilting skillets.

Built out of stainless steel, including 316L stainless steel interior liners, our selection of steam kettles will provide thorough cooking and easy clean up. Burkett is proud to offer commercial steam kettles from top manufacturers in the industry such as Vulcan, Crown Steam, and Cleveland Steam.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Steam Kettles

How does a steam kettle work?

Steam is held under pressure in a jacket that is sandwiched between two stainless steel hemispheres in steam kettles. Conduction is used to deliver heat from the steam to the water or food being prepared. The steam is uniformly distributed around the kettle's walls. Steam kettles are perfect for simmering soups or sauces because they provide fine temperature control. Water boils more quickly with steam than with any other heating method due to the high energy concentration in the steam.

What type of steam kettle should you buy?

  • Self-contained Kettle - Do not require a separate boiler. In self-contained systems, the water is specifically treated and distilled so that it doesn't need to be vented or changed when it turns to steam. Self-contained steam generators often require minimal upkeep.
  • Direct-steam Kettle - Use a separate source of steam. Instead of heating their own water like self-contained steam kettles do, direct steam kettles use a steam generator. Direct kettles are more affordable and straightforward to maintain than self-contained systems if you already have a way to generate steam.

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