Tilt Skillets

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction

These high-capacity, high-efficiency tilting skillets and braising pans are perfect for cooking a variety of foods.

A commercial tilting skillet or braising pan is great for cooking items like meats, soups, sauces, and vegetables quickly and evenly. Whether you're steaming broccoli or frying a chicken, these devices can handle it all. Depending on how your commercial kitchen is setup, we offer you the option of gas or electric tilting skillets. For gas models, be sure you have the appropriate gas hose connectors.

Internal capacities range from 15 gallon tanks to 40 gallon tanks! Similar to tilting skillets are steam kettles. Both of these steam cooking equipment pieces are great for high levels of production. If you don't need as much capacity as these allow, check out countertop commercial steamers.

Many of these units are equipped with assisted pan tilting hinges. These help you completely control the steamer cabinet while pouring out hot water. Most tanks come in strong 316L stainless steel meaning they'll be durable to last and easy to maintain.

Regardless of size, all tilting skillets serve the same purpose, cooking tasty meats. They often include a cover, so steam and juices are locked tightly inside. Whether you’re braising, steaming or frying your recipes, try one of these innovative pieces of equipment to get the job done faster, with ideal results!