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Cold food buffet stations are built with insulation to keep your food items cool and at ideal serving temperatures, while also making them mobile.

Cold buffet products, sandwich toppings, and salad bars are all required to maintain temperatures below 40;° Fahrenheit where food is safe to eat. You can choose from a variety of features and options for these cold buffet stations to find the ideal match for your establishment. Cold food buffet stations are great for any dining hall, cafeteria, healthcare facility, concession stand, or restaurant.

A cold food station is a great addition to self-serve areas like buffets. It is made to hold and maintain salad bar items, perishable ingredients, desserts, food pans, and other products at a safe serving temperature. A mobile cold food buffet can hold a variety of food pans that are packed with your most popular chilled products.

Most cold buffet stations come equipped with casters to make them easily movable, while there are also table top and floor models. Being mobile gives much more versatility to these buffet kiosks. They can be placed in strategic locations or out in front of shops to stir up business.

Sizing and Configurations

We offer a huge range of portable buffet stations to help you get exactly what your business needs. Pan capacities for these buffet stations ranges from small 2 pan stations up to 16 pan stations. There are countertop cold buffet systems however because of their size, they offer smaller capacities. Floor model buffet carts can hold higher capacities usually starting around 4 or 6 full size food pans. Pan sizes also range, while dividers can allow you customize some interior pan configurations. Check out Burkett's great selection of commercial food pans.

Typically these cold stations are available in single, double, or triple sections, with the ability to connect multiple stations thanks to bridge connectors. These connectors can give you the option of creating a whole mobile buffet anywhere you can manage.

Looking for a cold drink station to keep drinks cool and accessible for staff or customers? Look no further than our table top cold bars. These units can be placed on top of bar tables and provide quick access for grab and go customers. These models are made of scratch-proof polyethene, making them perfect for front-of-house work.

Tray Slides

Multiple cold buffet stations come with railings for trays or plates to be placed while the customers are filling them up. This helps relieve the stress of holding and loading plates or trays for customers wrists and arms. Check out Burkett's collection of additional tray slide options.

Buffet Station Bases

Ice cooled bases use ice to keep items cold. They include drains to expedite cleaning, however require ice to be reloaded regularly. For further ice using serving stations, check out ice buffet stations. Refrigerated bases use electricity to continuously cool the unit. They can run longer without staff involvement, however do require the proper electrical connections.

We have many cold portable buffet stations that come with some sort of storage attached below the serving station. Open bases allow users to store serving utensils, cleaning chemicals, or plates directly underneath the serving area. The bases on these are great and convenient for kitchen staff as they can help you keep all the necessities right there where the food is being served.

Bases are available in:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl Covered Steel
Furthermore, the vinyl bases include black vinyl, granite vinyl, wood vinyl, walnut woodgrain, and cherry woodgrain. With so many options of base finishes, we are sure you can find the right cold buffet serving station to match your establishment's décor or design.

Check out our collection of hot food buffet stations and induction buffet stations for an excellent selection of hot food serving stations.

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