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Commercial Ovens

Floor or countertop, full size or half size, rapid cook or microwave, gas or electric, the options for commercial ovens are endless. Buying these ovens for the least expensive and most expensive price both have their benefits. This is why Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies carries a vast array of different manufacturers and types of commercial ovens to fit your budget and needs. Listed below are 12 different types of ovens we sell, from pizza ovens to deck ovens, convection ovens, and microwave ovens. You can view the many different types and manufacturers we offer by clicking on any subcategory. Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies carries manufacturers like Star, Toastmaster, MagiKitch'n, Southbend, Vulcan, Merrychef, Amana, and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions About Convection Ovens

Why use a Convection Oven?

Convection ovens deliver even heating that cooks foods fast. Unlike traditional ovens, convection ovens use forced air circulation that spreads heat evenly throughout the baking compartment, and cooks food more quickly. The constant current of steady heat across the food removes the cool boundary layer, which allows items to receive even heating that cooks foods more quickly. A convection oven can cook foods about 30% faster than a static oven.

Full size or half size?

Convection ovens are available in a variety of sizes ranging from table top units, to single deck, to large roll-in double deck units. These are further classified as being full size or half size. Full or half size refers to the width of pan the oven can accept. A half size convection oven will hold an 18 x 13 inch pan, and a full size can accommodate an 18 x 26 inch sheet pan.

Standard or bakery depth?

Like full or half size classifications, standard depth and bakery depth refers to pan size accommodation. Convection ovens in standard depth can hold full or half size pans in one direction lengthwise. Bakery depth ovens are deeper in depth, and can hold pans placed in two directions.

How many decks do I need?

Convection ovens can be a single or double deck design. Each deck is an enclosed compartment with its own temperature settings. Because warmth is spread entirely throughout, a variety of items can be cooked in the baking compartment with no worry about uneven heating. Utilizing a double deck convection oven can further increase productivity in higher volume operations. Two decks can give you greater cooking flexibility by providing different heat levels for separate types of foods, and simply more space for making larger amounts of items.