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Conveyor Ovens

Countertop conveyor ovens are ideal for convenience stores, sandwich shops or restaurants that want to quickly brown or cook sandwiches and pizza, but may not do enough volume to require a large floor model oven. Burkett has a fine selection of both floor models and compact countertop units. When selecting a conveyor pizza oven, consider the conveyor belt size, cook chamber size, clearance height of the cook chamber, and conveyor speed. The width (or depth depending on how you are facing the machine) of the conveyor indicates the size or quantity of food items you can set side by side and send through the cooking cavity at the same time. For each unit, the conveyor speed, and therefore the cooking time, is adjustable. Items that just need a quick browning or some cheese melted can be sent through faster than those that need to be completely cooked. Another adjustable feature is the interior clearance. Each unit has a plate at the beginning and end of the cooking cavity which can be raised and lowered a couple of inches to account for taller products. In order to conserve as much energy as possible, it is recommended that the plate be set as low as possible, because excessive overhead product clearance is just allowing heat to escape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Conveyor Ovens

Why should my restaurant use a conveyor oven?

Conveyor ovens help you deliver quality food quickly and easily. Using a commercial conveyor oven saves both time and labor by providing you with convenient versatility. Pizzas and many types of foods items can be cooked in a conveyor oven with its powerful heating that is evenly spread, providing a consistent finish. Items are automatically passed though the oven in a first in, first out manner, that saves labor and streamlines operation.

What sizes and configurations are available for conveyor ovens?

Conveyor ovens can have varying conveyor belt widths, the wider the belt, the greater amount of items that can be cooked at one time. The length of the cooking chamber can also be varied. A longer cooking space means that the belt moves faster, and although cooking time will remain the same, a longer baking chamber means more items can be cooked at once, and output is increased. Conveyor ovens are available in different size models. Countertop units save space and increase versatility while being easy to use. Floor models allow for easy access and make the cooking process efficient for your operation. Conveyor ovens are also available in multiple deck designs. Single, double, or even triple decks give you versatility in creating your desired setup to meet demand.