Rotisserie Ovens

Consistently and thoroughly cook items while tickling the sight, smell, and taste senses of customers with a rotisserie oven.

A commercial rotisserie oven rotates cooking food to help it bake evenly and remain juicy. Each oven features several spits where you spear the chicken and leave it to cook. Rotisserie oven options come in varying electrical power levels to accommodate any kitchen.

Cooking with Spits

Spits are a classic method for holding products in a rotisserie oven, acting as skewers that hold products horizontally to carry them through the cabinet while cooking. Due to spinning spits that move food around the cabinet as it is roasted from all sides with radiant heat from burners or elements, the commercial rotisserie oven ensures even and consistent cooking. Essentially eliminating the risk of cold patches.

The rotation also keeps the items wet by preventing them from sitting with one side down for long periods of time. These are meant to cook dishes at high temperatures before switching to a low temperature holding mode to keep them safe for long periods of time.


Commercial rotisserie ovens are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. Widths for these commercial ovens are usually between 30" and 45". They can conveniently sit on kitchen countertops next to heated merchandisers, food warmers, or countertop convection ovens. Smaller ovens can hold between 5 and 8 birds, while large rotisseries can hold up to 15 birds at a single time. When thinking about what size oven you need, think about the amount of production you need per cooking cycle.

Visual Appeal

The rotisserie ovens we offer come as countertop models for easy storage and use. If you run a BBQ joint, grocery store, or convenience store, a rotisserie oven is a useful appliance for cooking while also showing off foods. Since customers can see and smell freshly cooked chicken or kabobs rotating in front of them, they are more likely to stop and think about a purchase.

This visual aspect of the rotisserie can lead to more temptation for consumers, seeing the tasty, slow-cooked meats they may not have otherwise considered. Similar to pizza and pretzel merchandisers, these commercial ovens add a little extra flair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Rotisserie Ovens

How do you clean a commercial rotisserie oven?

Cleaning a rotisserie oven should be done often. Cleaning daily is suggested with a deeper clean scheduled weekly. Juices and grease will eventually drip off meats and find its way to the oven bottom and glass sides. Luckily these units come with drip trays underneath the base. You can easily remove and dump out collected grease. Spits can be easily removed to be cleaned with soap and hot water. The glass sides can be wiped down with a sanitizer and non-abrasive cloth.

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