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Commercial Charbroilers

Charbroilers provide that back yard barbecue taste without the need for being outdoors. Using gas-fired burners and various heating methods, you can provide your customers with grilled meals that hearken back to family cookouts. There is an ongoing debate between grilling aficionados as to which is the best method to use, gas, charcoal or wood, and no matter which side makes what points, neither party will ever likely budge from their preferred method. The same can be said of charboiler heating methods. There are those that prefer standard radiant heat burners because the heat is easier to control, and there are less flare-ups. Lava rock users like the steady even heat the pumice stone provides. Traditionalists prefer wood or charcoal models so they can add the distinctively smoky taste to grilled foods that only come from hot coals.

Regardless of which heating method you prefer, you will want to consider the overall size of the unit to make sure it will fit on your countertop. Also, since the charbroilers are all gas powered, you will need to specify whether you need the unit configured for natural gas or liquid propane. You will also want to check the inlet size to be sure it can be hooked into your kitchen’s main gas line.

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Charbroilers

Which is better, radiant or lava rock?

Your application and use will tell you which model will be better for you and your restaurant. Lava rock char-broilers use ceramic stones, these rocks can hold flavors of the food you cook and can transfer it to other foods sometimes yielding better taste. However, lava rock models require more cleaning than their radiant counterpart. Radiant char-broilers use metal or cast iron radiants that evenly distribute heat generated by the burner and can be easier to clean since the radiants angle oil and grease away from the burner.

Should I use electric or gas?

Electric models aren't as common as gas but they can get the job done just the same. Whether you're looking to go green or just save some extra money on your gas bill, an electric char-broiler could be the right choice for your establishment. Electric radiant models come in countertop and drop in for your customizing needs.

What styles of charbroilers are there?

There are countertop that can be placed on top of other equipment to save space, countertop drop-in that can cater to unique obstacles, floor models that come with legs or casters. Outdoor models are also available.

Why do BTUs matter?

Knowing the BTUs could possibly help tell you how much propane you might use in an hour. The BTU isn't necessarily how hot the unit will get but instead the power you can expect from every 12 inches of burners per hour. Lower BTUs could save you energy costs while higher BTUs can stand up to a high-demand work environment.