Commercial Gas Charbroilers

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Achieve that deliciously grilled taste that customers crave with a gas charbroiler!

A commercial gas radiant charbroiler is an excellent piece of restaurant equipment that will cook a variety of foods to perfection. Gas charbroilers help you achieve a smoky, char-grilled flavor with steaks, chicken, fish, and other foods. Charbroilers will also put appealing grill marks on sandwiches and vegetables.

Heating Style

Radiant charbroilers have burners positioned under an angled piece of metal called radiants. The heat is concentrated on the grates and food. Because of their tilted design, grease and drippings are routed away from the fire and into the drip pan. In radiant models, flare-ups may occur, although they are usually more controlled and smaller than in lava rock models.

Charbroiler Sizing

Short on kitchen space? Countertop radiant charbroilers are an excellent compact edition to any kitchen's cooking lineup. Available in liquid propane and natural gas configurations, gas charbroilers often include conversion kits so you can switch to the correct utility as needed. Check out Burkett's selection of gas hose connections to ensure safe installation and operation.

Our selection of gas radiant charbroilers is extensive. Sizes range from just 12" wide up to 72" wide, with additional burners every 12". As with most charbroilers, a standing pilot light comes standard, however, we do have multiple models that use electronic ignition.

Perhaps you prefer to use cooking rocks to get an even more distinct smoke and taste to your grilled foods, a lava rock charbroiler may be just what you need. If gas is too expensive or not suitable for your kitchen, check out our great collection of electric charbroilers.

No matter what size or style of charbroiler you may need, at Burkett we are sure we have the right one for you!

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