Rice Cookers and Warmers

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Rice cookers are a quick and simple way for anyone to cook rice to perfection!

Rice is a versatile grain that is used in dishes from all across the world. Rice makers are now being found within not only professional kitchens, but also everyday household kitchens. Our commercial rice cookers have built-in thermostats and automatic shut-off functions to make cooking perfect rice easy in the busiest of kitchens. Ranging from restaurant size rice cookers to small residential rice cookers, Burkett has a wide arrangement of excellent quality units.

The simplicity and versatility of a commercial rice cooker means stress-free preparation of an internationally popular food. Even If you have a different preferred method of cooking rice, pick up a rice warmer to easily reheat rice for quick meals without drying it out. We have models that include both rice cooking and warming functions.

Rice warmers can be a great asset in any Asian or Mexican cuisine kitchen, or anywhere rice is served regularly. Pair your rice maker with a chip warmer or chip merchandiser. Also, be sure to check out our collection of Mexican restaurant equipment and supplies to properly compliment your rice maker.

At Burkett, we are sure to have the right rice cooker for all of your kitchen’s demands. These are just a few advantages of using a Rice Cooker.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rice Cookers and Warmers

What Size Rice Cooker Should You Buy?

The size of rice cooker you want is based on how much rice you need to produce at any one time. To make things easy, 1 cup of uncooked rice will provide almost exactly 2 cups of cooked rice. Using this ratio, you can make a pretty good estimate of how much steamed rice can be made per cup of raw rice. For small establishments, a rice cooker with a capacity between 12 and 25 cups will work great. These cookers provide steamed rice for roughly up to 50 guests at one time.

For high-volume establishments or places where rice is served regularly all day, we offer a wide selection of higher capacity commercial rice cookers. These cooker capacities range from 30 to 55 cups of uncooked rice at a single time. With our highest capacity rice cooker, you can provide roughly 110 cups of cooked rice quickly and efficiently each filling.