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Sandwich Grills

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There are many ways to prepare a sandwich, a piece of chicken, or a few grilled vegetables, but if you have limited space, few ways are more compact and efficient than a Panini grill. Panini grills take up very little space, provide the convenience of a heavy-duty grill, and only take up minimum space on countertops.

Commercial sandwich grills are most often associated with panini sandwiches, which are inspired by the Italian word "panino." A panino is a simple sandwich of grilled meats and cheeses on a roll or slices of bread. The Panini sandwich, on the other hand, has gained a new perspective in other parts of the world as a grilled or toasted sandwich, known for its hot, melty insides and crunchy, grilled bread. Commercial Panini grills consist of two grill plates that clamp gently on top of the sandwich or other food item. Grills can be smooth and flat for an all-over even heat or grooved on one or both sides.

What's the difference between a smooth sandwich grill and grooved sandwich grill?

If grill marks are your game, you need a grooved Panini maker. The grooves in the grill plate ensure that only the ridged parts of the plate actually touch the sandwich, adding that charred and appetizing grilled look to your fare. It's also an easy way to make chicken breasts or vegetables look like they've been grilled on open flame. These units are a big plus especially if you don't have a big kitchen. If you are pressing grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas or wraps where grill marks are not an essential element of presentation, a smooth Panini maker is sufficient for your needs. Smooth grill plates work in the same way that grooved ones do, but with two flat grilling surfaces instead of grooves. You can also get the best of both worlds with a mixed option Panini grill. Often, mixed Panini grills are ordered as split top units that offer one top iron as a grooved plate and one as a smooth plate. This combination of smooth and grooved grilling surfaces can be useful when grilling a variety of different food types without having to purchase more than one unit. You will need to specify your grill pattern and top type when purchasing.

Are the smooth and grooved grills interchangeable?

Some units offer interchangeable plates via custom order. Contact an account representative to learn about all of your options.

Do these need to go under a hood?

Normally, no. However, you should always check your local codes to be sure.

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