Combi Ovens

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Provide the ultimate versatility to your kitchen with a commercial combi oven!

The advantages of convection ovens and steam cooking are combined in combi ovens, which can be used as an oven, a steamer, or both simultaneously. With the ability to precisely manage the temperature and humidity levels, steam convection ovens enable a wide range of cooking possibilities. With a combi oven, you can cook food more quickly while still using the same appliance to steam, poach, roast, broil, bake, and rethermalize.

Combination ovens save space while increasing quality of food and productivity. These ovens are available in both gas and electric, and allow you to use steam heat, convection heat, or a combination of both.

These ovens differ from convection ovens due to the inclusion of steam, and they differ from steamers due to their capacity for convection cooking. Commercial combi ovens combine both advantages into a single piece of equipment.

Although adding a combi-oven can broaden your menu and boost production, it cannot fully replace the equipment you use the most frequently because it lacks the power of a full convection oven or commercial steamer.

Cooking Modes

Combi oven steamers cook with 3 cooking modes - steam, hot air, and a combination of both.

  • Steam mode keeps flavors and colors in foods.
  • Hot air mode, or convection mode, uses circulated air to cook in a manner similar to convection ovens.
  • Combination mode, the key to a combi oven, uses both steam and hot air to cook foods perfectly even at almost twice the speed.

Combi oven steamers can produce both dry and moist heat and are capable of shifting between them automatically during the cooking process. It can be used to simultaneously steam vegetables or potatoes gently, while also roasting or braising meat and fish, or baking bread. These appliances are fit for many culinary cooking methods, including baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, braising, blanching and poaching.

Combination steamer ovens expand upon standard convection ovens in that they also generate steam or a combination of steam and superheated steam. Some ovens come equipped with an automatic boiler flush and semi-automatic deliming system to aid in maximizing the life of the oven and make maintenance less intense. Typically, most models will have doors that if opened will automatically shut off the machine to keep operators safe from hot air or liquids.

Sizing & Capacity

Sizes of convection steam ovens are determined by how many full- or half-size sheet pans they can accommodate. You might pick a unit based only on the size of pans your kitchen usually employs. Compared to comparable half-size units, full-size units provide higher capacities and thus higher production levels.

Choose between single deck or double deck combi ovens. Double deck combis can come equipped with 2 combination ovens stacked atop each other, or 1 combination oven and 1 convection oven stacked. Units involving 2 different oven types are great for providing versatility under a single footprint.

At Burkett, we offer a wide selection of sizes and mobility for combination ovens. Whether you need a full-size floor model that comes on legs or casters, for easy movement, we have a combi oven right for you.

Worried about ventilation? We have models that come attached with vents, so you don't need to worry about purchasing one or making space in your already crowded kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Combination Ovens

What is a combi oven?

A combi steam oven is a regular convection oven with the added feature of a steam setting. This means you can cook as you would in a normal oven but have the ability to insert steam into the cooking process to enhance your meals.

Should you get a boiler-based or boilerless combi oven?

  • Boiler-based - Water storage is closed to the operator. This type offers more powerful heating as well as more reliable steaming. This is a great choice if you need to steam meals continuously throughout the day.
  • Boilerless - An open reservoir sits in the bottom of the cooking chamber. This type of combi oven offers dryer steam, which makes it ideal for tasks like baking bread and retaining the moisture of roasted meats.

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