Oven Proofer Combos

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Combine the power of an oven and proofing cabinet in one compact footprint thanks to commercial oven proofers.

The proofer cabinets that we offer come with see-through doors to allow operators to see the progress of foods without opening the doors and losing heat. This is convenient in commercial kitchens low on staff, because these cabinets can be programmed to a temperature and time and then be left unmanned until finished.

Oven proofer cabinets are a critical piece of equipment in many bakeries or businesses that bake their own breads and rolls. Because the proofing cabinet and oven are combined into one unit, an oven proofer combo will help you free up space in your kitchen. Some of these items stack the proofing and oven cabinets above one another, while other units stack the proofing and oven cabinets side by side.

Our oven proofers come in many different styles utilizing double and single convection ovens and proofers. These proofing combos are also available in either gas or electric to accommodate any commercial kitchens power supply.

Gas or Electric

Choose between gas or electric oven proofer combination units. Electric units will be easier to install since they just need the proper electrical connection. Gas units will require the proper gas lines and gas connections to properly work.

Ensure you have the appropriate connections with our collection of gas hoses and gas connection accessories.

Sizing & Capacity

Commercial proofing ovens are large pieces of equipment available in single or double decks. Additionally, you have a choice between deep depth units, which offer more equal airflow around the pans, and standard depth cabinets, which only have room for pans to be positioned in one direction.

Of the units that we offer, oven pan capacity for smaller units' range around 3-6 full size pans. Large, double deck proofing ovens offer pan capacities ranging between 12 and 14 full size pans. Proofer capacities range from single units holding 9 pans, and large units that are able to hold up to 32 pans at a single time.

You can find an oven proofer that is just a single double deck oven proofer or a double deck, dual oven combo that can offer you a lot of capacity for high-volume cooking. These oven proofers are versatile pieces of cooking equipment that can make any commercial kitchen better.

Heating & Humidity

The ideal temperature range for proofing is between 75- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit, which is maintained by most proofers. The oven itself could be a convection or standard model. To ensure an even bake in conventional ovens, the pans must be rotated halfway through the baking procedure. In a convection oven, warm air is circulated through the cavity with the use of a fan to maintain a uniform temperature, negating the need to rotate the pans. After it has finished baking, some ovens feature a hold mode that they may switch to, keeping the meal warm until you are ready to serve it.

Many of our oven proofer combos are even NSF Listed, which ensures that the unit doesn’t have any places that are too difficult to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Proofing Ovens

What is a proofing oven?

In cooking, proofing is a step in the preparation of yeast bread and other baked goods in which the dough is allowed to rest and rise a final time before baking. During this rest period, yeast ferments the dough and produces gases, thereby leavening the dough. A proofing oven is a cabinet designed to maximize proofing by keeping dough warm and humid.

We offer cabinets that are specifically designed for dough proofing. Check out this great collection of proofing cabinets, as well as holding and proofing cabinets.

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