Rapid Cook Ovens

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Rapid cook ovens offer convenient, high-speed cooking in an efficient package at an affordable price.

These powerful yet compact high-speed ovens combine multiple heating sources to boost your output levels. Rapid cooking ovens are ideal for concession stands, fair booths, convenience stores, delis, and other foodservice businesses that may not have the space for a full-size commercial oven.

These appliances can be used to complete a wide variety of tasks, including melting cheese on fries, reheating meals, and even thoroughly cooking chicken breasts, among other things.

Many of our rapid cook ovens come standard with some great features such as touchscreen controls, impinge plates, and stay-cool doors. We also have a variety of different power levels to accommodate for whatever electrical system your establishment can provide. By purchasing one of great rapid cook ovens, you can quickly and efficiently cook and serve hot goods to your consumers.

Additionally, there are models that can be set with a variety of recipes for quick and effective cooking. Furthermore, many of these ovens have catalytic converters, which capture steam, grease, and smoke to allow usage in environments without hoods.


Commercial rapid cook ovens give chefs a versatile piece of cooking equipment in a single, compact footprint. Widths of these ovens typically stay below 36". Making them ideal for kitchen countertops. Some models can even be stacked to add more production.

These units are an excellent compact alternative to commercial combi ovens. They also work great alongside convection ovens and restaurant ranges. With their countertop capabilities, you can comfortably fit a high-speed oven next to a rotisserie oven or countertop pizza oven.

Cooking Process

Rapid cook ovens, also known as high-speed ovens, combine different cooking techniques to produce a quick and reliable cooking procedure. Commercial speed ovens can use a variety of heating methods, including microwave, convection, and air impingement. These hybrid ovens also feature faster preheating and cooking periods than standard ovens, which allows you to get your customers in and out quickly.

With top manufacturers like Amana, Merrychef, and TurboChef, among others, our collection of rapid cooking ovens will help your commercial kitchen accelerate production and success.

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