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Burkett has placed people before products from the beginning. From our humble location 40 years ago in downtown Toledo, Ohio, our founder Mike Burkett predicated the business on relationships. When the doors opened, he did not see someone walking in as a customer, he saw a partner in pursuit of mutual growth.

Today, our customers walk into a much grander location but they also reach us online and on the phone. Times and technology have changed. Our vision has not.

The complete customer experience has always been at the core of the Burkett business.

What put us on the map was a unique reconditioning process for used restaurant equipment. We've been refining and perfecting that process ever since. That's what makes us the leader in the restaurant equipment reconditioning industry.

Refurbished equipment allowed us to expand and evolve our expertise into becoming one of the top new equipment dealers in the country. We work with 175 of the nation's leading suppliers to offer thousands of world-class quality products -- everything from refrigerators to ranges, from furniture to forks -- at very competitive prices.

Forty years later, with the next generation of Burkett at the helm, we remain committed to our founding principles, superior service, products and prices guiding a complete customer experience.

So, whether your establishment is across town or across the country, Burkett's catalog of new and used restaurant equipment items and supplies offers anything a commercial kitchen would need for optimal operation. Stop by our showroom megastore in Perrysburg, Ohio, or visit us online anytime at www.burkett.com.

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