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Chemicals & Supplies

Discover a wide range of high-quality products for all your chemical needs. Enhance efficiency and maintain cleanliness with our reliable solutions. Improve your operations and achieve outstanding results.

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Chemicals and supplies

Floor Care Supplies

Enhance the appearance and longevity of your floors with our floor care supplies. From cleaning to polishing, our high-quality products provide effective solutions for all types of floors.

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Floor care supplies

Restroom Supplies

Create a hygienic and comfortable environment with our comprehensive range of restroom supplies. From paper products to odor control solutions, our top-quality supplies ensure cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

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Restroom supplies

Dishwashing Supplies

Streamline your dishwashing process with our premium supplies. Designed to provide effective cleaning and spotless results, our high-quality products save time and effort. Achieve sparkling clean dishes with ease and efficiency.

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Dishwashing supplies

Janitorial products and sanitation and safety supplies are simply a must for any food service operation. After all, a clean place is a happy place. Whether it is a sturdy waste receptacle for the restroom, a looped-end mop for your hard floor surfaces or an upright vacuum cleaner for the dining room, browse our selection of janitorial products to find the right items for your establishment. Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies offers cleaning supplies and hundreds of other products to keep your business looking good to the ever watchful eye of customers and your local health department.