Restaurant Supplies

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Table Top Items

Our dining room supplies run the gamut from simple dinnerware to tabletop items like beverage service and menu covers. Select from myriad drinkware and dinnerware options, as well as flatware collections designed for function and style. When it comes to dining room supplies, the options are endless.

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Kitchen Hand Tools

Quality commercial kitchen utensils can make all the difference in the world in terms of organization, speed and efficiency. Make sure that your commercial kitchen is well stocked with the utensils for getting every task done right and on time.

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Cost, ease of maintenance, metal type and shape are all important considerations when shopping for commercial cookware. The most important thing, however, is to choose a pot or pan that your chef and kitchen workers know how to work with.

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Many processes in the commercial kitchen require specific kitchen knives to get the job done. Whether you are chopping, paring, carving or slicing, there is a piece of cutlery that will perfect the process. Whether you run a restaurant or simply want a fully equipped residential kitchen, having enough knives on hand will expedite many aspects of food preparation.

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Bar Supplies

With the right tools and supplies for your bar, you can be sure your patrons will keep coming back for more. Make sure your bartender has the bar tools and bar accessories to get the job done right. In addition to bar spoons, jiggers and openers, and other bar accessories, Burkett also offers a large collection of cocktail shakers.

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Bakery Supplies

Busy bakeries and bakers will appreciate our vast collection of commercial baking supplies. From baking pans and mixing bowls to flour sifters and pastry brushes, we carry all the essential components to ensure that your bakery experiences continued success.

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Food Storage Containers

Preparing and storing food items or ingredients ahead of time increases restaurant efficiency, especially during peak hours. Make sure that you operation has the appropriate storage devices for the food you are storing. Our food storage units come in various types and sizes, all designed to keep your food products fresh until serving.

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Chafers & Accessories

Got an event coming up that requires a large menu? Don't forget the chafer dishes to keep your selections ready to eat!

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Pizza Supplies

Professional pizza chefs at pizzerias and aspiring pizza chefs at home alike use some of the same tools to create top-quality pizza. Here, you'll find an array of supplies to handle, bake, cut and serve pizza.

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Ice Cream Supplies

Great for use behind the counter or in a buffet setting, an ice cream station is not complete without a sensible cone and topping dispenser.

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Clothing & Textiles

Dress your chef in style with our selection of aprons and hats. Don't forget bar towels, dishwashing gloves, and hairnets, too.

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Asian Restaurant Supplies

Chopsticks? Check. Sake Bottles? Check. Burkett has a wide selection of Asian restaurant supplies to provide a unique dining experience.

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A clean place is a happy place. We offer cleaning supplies, food safe containers, hair nets, floor mats, sanitation posters and hundreds of other products to keep your business looking good.

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Restaurant Signs

Restaurant signs are a great visual aid to help clearly label rooms or announcements in your establishment. We offer a variety of signs from acrylic flashing signs to signs for restrooms, exits, employees only, and more.

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Salad Bar & Accessories

Find all your portable salad bar needs here, from portable or countertop salad bars to crocks to connector bridges, we've got everything you need for a great buffet dining experience.

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Healthcare Meal Delivery Systems

Healthcare foodservice items and healthcare meal delivery systems can extend menu offerings to a variety of hot and cold dishes and drinks.

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Cup & Lid Dispensers

What's a beverage station without a cup & lid organizer? These dispensers will maximize your self-serve space while minimizing clutter.

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From busy cafeterias to hectic restaurants, trays are an absolute must-have for serving up scrumptious meals and offering a selection of delicious dishes to hungry customers. Check out Burkett's wide variety to find the right tray for your establishment.

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Commercial kitchen supplies provide chefs and cooks the means to prep, bake, cook and store items in the commercial kitchen, no matter what type of food service business you run. Whether you are looking for professional cutlery or durable food storage containers, find the best items for your commercial kitchen here. Find everything you need to entice a customer's sweet tooth with desserts made from our baking supplies, boost bar business with the hottest bar supplies, or provide an entire dining experience for your customers with the most elegant catering supplies and table top items available. Please even the pickiest of chefs with cutting edge commercial cutlery, premium cookware, and the best in kitchen supplies, without breaking your budget.