Butcher Shop Equipment & Supplies

Butcher Shop Equipment

From merchandisers to ice machines to food processors, slicers, scrapers and presses, we've got what you need to keep your inventory stored, prepared, and ready to present and sell. Display cases help show off your high-quality cuts and products while an open display merchandiser is perfect for any prepackaged good ready to grab and buy.

Used Butcher Shop Equipment & Supplies

All our used Butcher Shop equipment and supplies go through a rigorous 10-step reconditioning process. Broken down and built back up to restore the original shine, these products are backed by the best warranty in the industry. The result is a savings of up to 75% off the price of similar new items.

Butcher Shop Supplies

A butcher is only as good as his or her cutlery. Stay sharp with our fine assortment of knives for a wide variety of uses. We also have butchers twine, meat tenderizers, and an array of sanitation equipment to keep your cuts, your shop, and yourself clean and fresh so you can keep slicing and serving your customer favorites.

While plant-based diets are increasing in popularity, Americans still enjoy a high-protein diet comprised of meat, poultry, or fish. How much? Studies suggest more than 200 pounds are consumed per person per year in the United States. Because of that passion, more and more consumers are demanding the finer cuts of meat. Those cuts are found at a local butcher shop, where it is generally offered fresher and better quality. Count on Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies for all your butcher shop needs.