Hand Sinks

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Every establishment requires a few dedicated hand sinks for sanitation. These sinks must be for no other use than hand washing, as per health code requirements. Whether in a kitchen, bathroom, or breakroom, hand sinks are essential in promoting safe, healthy business practices. Hand sinks are available with many great features, such as faucets included, built in paper towel dispensers, and soap dispensers!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Sinks

Is a Hand Sink Necessary When There Are Compartment Sinks Around?

Absolutely. A hand sink and a compartment sink are not interchangeable. In a commercial environment, each sink has a dedicated job and cannot be used for anything else. Always have a dedicated hand sink.

What Are the Different Types of Hand Sinks?

  • Drop-In - hand sinks that are placed into a cut-out in a countertop
  • Free-Standing - hand sinks that are ideal for outdoor events, requiring no plumbing and can be moved anywhere easily. Simply fill up the water tank and you have a place to keep your hands clean.
  • Hands-Free - the perfect option for maximum sanitation and ADA compliance. These hand sinks allow users to turn on the water without touching anything. These come in various styles including foot levers, knee valves, and electronic sensors. You can also turn any other style of sink into a hands-free sink by adding your own electronic faucet from our selection.
  • Wall-Mounted - the most common style of hand sink. They easily mount to any wall, as the name implies.