Beverage Equipment

Commercial Beverage Dispensers

Efficient, reliable, and versatile commercial beverage dispensers for high-volume settings like restaurants, bars, and cafes. Cold, hot, insulated or not, Burkett has a beverage dispenser for all of your needs.

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Beverage Dispensers

Blenders, Juicers, Milkshake Makers

Powerful blenders, juicers, and milkshake makers to ensure your menu stands out with a wide range of blended drinks. Serving the best mixed drinks requires the best equipment!

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Blenders, Juicers, Milkshake Makers

Commerical Coffee Makers & Brewers

Coffee can be brewed and served in a wide range of ways. Whether you have a coffee shop or coffee on your menu, we offer many styles of coffee makers, servers, and grinders.

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Commercial Coffee Equipment

Beverage Accessories

For every piece of beverage equipment, you’re going to need accessories to match. From replacement blades to travel cups, we have everything you need to customize your blending routine.

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Beverage Accessories

Commercial Tea Equipment

Find tea brewers and dispensers with programmable brew times and easy-to-clean components. You can find models that brew directly into a dispenser, have multiple brew heads, and even feature infusion functions to make your tea sweet and flavorful while brewing.

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Commercial Tea Equipment

Beverage Serving Counters

Sleek and efficient beverage serving counters designed to enhance drink service and create an inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a non-refrigerated/heated mobile beverage unit, you can find what you need from our selection of beverage serving counters

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Beverage Serving Counters

Shaved Ice Machines & Carts

Produce these simple summer treats easily to keep crowds happy! Perfect for parties and events, these machines feature adjustable blades, easy-to-clean surfaces, and durable construction.

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Bar Refrigeration

No matter what kind of food you serve, or even if you don’t serve food at all, beverage equipment is essential to every business. Whether you’re a five star restaurant providing drinks to patrons with their meals, a bar mixing up frozen cocktails, or a convenience store selling slushies, the best equipment will make your service shine. Burkett offers a large selection of the best beverage equipment to satisfy the needs of every customer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beverage Equipment

What Kinds of Commercial Beverage Equipment Are Available?

Cold Beverage Equipment: Nothing refreshes you on a hot summer day like an ice cold drink. Whether it be alcoholic, frozen, or just a soft drink, Burkett has a commercial cold drink machine for your every need. Cold beverage dispensers make dispensing drinks like juice, iced tea, and lemonade easy. For a truly refreshing treat for all ages, add a frozen beverage machine or even a snow-cone machine to your lineup. If you’re looking to make juice or smoothies with a fresh taste that customers will rave about, try adding your own freshly squeezed juice with a commercial juicer!

Hot Beverage Equipment: When it comes to hot beverages like coffee and tea, we have all the commercial equipment you need. Coffee is an essential drink anywhere you go, and there’s an endless supply of different types of equipment for brewing and serving. Hot beverages don’t end with coffee though, you’ll also be able to find equipment for making and serving hot tea, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, and even just hot water. With a variety of hot beverage equipment from coffee brewers to insulated carriers, you can make and serve hot drinks anywhere, any time.

Blenders: With the perfect commercial blender, you can create your own cocktails, milkshakes, smoothies, and so much more. Bar and food blenders use blades to chop food and ice, all while mixing it together into the perfect drink. Drink mixers feature a spindle that rapidly spins to make delicious shakes with all the mix’ns. Models vary in capacity and uses, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect blender or drink mixer for all of your needs.

What Beverage Equipment Will I Need for My Business?


Restaurants can vary greatly in their individual needs, but some essential beverage equipment for a restaurant includes:

  • Cold beverage dispensers - for dispensing lemonade, iced tea, or any other non-carbonated beverages easily.
  • Commercial coffee makers - the type you choose depends on when you’re open. If you’re open for breakfast, it’s preferable to get a brewer with a higher capacity - even consider an Airpot! If you’re only open for lunch and/or dinner, you’ll still probably need a coffee maker, just go with a smaller option. No need to waste product if only one or two customers will need a cup, so consider a single brewer or even a single cup model.
  • Tea equipment - iced tea is a favorite in any restaurant, so it’s important to have in on hand. You can choose an iced tea brewer to make it in house or fill a dispenser with pre-made tea for a faster option.

Coffee Shops

It seems pretty straightforward right? Coffee shops need coffee makers. While this isn’t wrong, there’s other important beverage equipment basics you’ll need to make your coffee shop stand out. This includes:

  • Commercial coffee makers - obviously you’ll need a few heavy duty coffee makers for serving all day. You’ll also likely need an espresso and cappuccino machine for specialty coffee drinks. For more information about which type you should get, head on over to our coffee shop equipment page.
  • Blenders - for the perfect frappe, you’ll need a blender that can handle lots of ice. This is also helpful if you want to sell smoothies alongside your coffee!
  • Coffee grinders - pre-ground coffee is always an option, but the finest coffee shops grind their own fresh beans for a more impactful flavor.
  • Tea equipment - at any coffee shop, tea is almost always expected to be on the menu. Make sure you have the equipment for brewing both hot and iced tea, as well as an appropriate dispenser.


Most bar supplies are pretty simple - you’ve got your glasses, your cocktail shakers, your pourers. But what about equipment? You'll need:

  • Bar blenders - having a good blender can make or break your bar. Blend mixed drinks and custom cocktails in a bar blender for a drink your customers will love.
  • Frozen drink machines - if you’re looking to serve lots of margaritas or other frozen cocktails, you may want to skip the blender and go big with a frozen drink machine! It’s just like your favorite gas station slushie, but for adults only.

Convenience Stores

Convenience store, gas station, whatever you call them, they are known for their exciting beverage selections! Make sure you have what you need, including:

  • Frozen drink machines - one essential that you can’t leave out is a slushie machine. On a hot summers day kids and adults alike will be craving that frozen drink, so make sure you have what they want.
  • Coffee equipment - convenience stores are a go-to for a quick cup of coffee, so make sure to have a few options on hand for self-serve coffee.
  • Tea equipment - it’s a good idea to have something for self-serve tea as well. Both hot and iced tea should be available and easy to dispense.
  • Cold drink dispensers - having some fun punch, lemonade, or juice in a drink dispenser can draw in customers looking for a refreshing sweet beverage. Make sure to get a multi beverage machine for even more value.
  • Shaved ice machines - like a frozen drink machine, having snow cones is a great crowd-pleaser for a hot day. Add extra value to your convenience store by offering shaved ice in all different flavors.


When you’re making food on the go, it can be hard to know what beverage equipment you can easily take with you. Some common essentials for catering include:

  • Beverage serving counters - portable bars or mobile beverage counters are an excellent catering choice, allowing you to have a bar anywhere you need it.
  • Insulated beverage carriers - these can keep beverages hot for hours without electricity, perfect for serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or hot water in any environment you need. They’re also portable to make getting them from point A to point B a breeze.
  • Blenders - most bar or food blenders are placed on any countertop and plug into a standard wall outlet, so taking a small blender with you is simple. For making mixes drinks anywhere you go, get yourself a countertop blender.
  • Non-insulated beverage dispensers - having a simple tabletop dispenser for lemonade, iced tea, and more can make it easier to serve beverages while catering, and add a nice bit of style to a table.