Commerical Manual Juicers

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Manual juicers are the perfect way to create fresh juice anywhere for that extra dash of flavor to any food or beverage. These juicers are manually operated with a lever press so they can be operated with no need for electricity and little to no training and expertise. Citrus presses must be cut in halves before use, but not much more prep is required. Commercial manual juicers are able to produce as much volume as your staff can squeeze out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Manual Juicers

Will Your Staff Get Tired From Manually Pressing Juice?

No, our manual juicers are all designed with ergonomic handles to make hand pressing juice an easy task!

Why Would I Choose a Manual Juicer Over an Electric One?

Manual juicers have many advantages. One primary one is that they have a lower price point. The lack of technology and a motor makes it a much more affordable option. Another advantage is that it can be used anywhere - even locations without electricity.