Restaurant Equipment

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Cooking Equipment

The right commercial cooking equipment is possibly the most important choice when opening your own restaurant. Burkett Restaurant Equipment carries an array of different manufacturers and types of commercial cooking supplies to fit your budget and needs.

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Commercial refrigeration units are required pieces of equipment for most, if not all, restaurant kitchens. They are designed to keep cold foods cold and reduce the risk of food poisoning.

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Concession Equipment

Burkett carries new equipment for every concession need, whether you're serving hot beverages from your new cappuccino machine, fresh soft pretzels from your heated merchandiser, or hot and juicy hot dogs off your new roller grill.

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Restaurant Work Tables and Stands

Burkett Restaurant Equipment carries all sizes of stainless steel work tables, equipment stands, wall mount shelves, and work table overshelves. When choosing the right size table don't forget about the worktable accessories like the stem casters & feet or work table drawers, for added convenience!

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Ice Machines

When shopping for a commercial ice maker, take the time to consider what type of ice cube machine would best suit your operation. Whether you are in the market for undercounter ice makers, commercial flakers, cubed ice makers, or any accessories, Burkett will help you keep your cool.

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Food Holding & Warming Equipment

Keeping items hot and fresh makes the difference between a good product and an exceptional one. Listed below are several important implements, from Countertop Warmers to Heat Lamps and Steam Tables to customize your kitchen to suit your needs.

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Food Preparation

Whether you are looking for food mixers, dough mixers, meat slicers, commercial food processors, meat grinders, or other food prep accessories, Burkett Restaurant Equipment has prices and personalized service that can't be beat.

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Food Storage

At Burkett Restaurant Equipment we carry top of the line manufacturers at competitive pricing on bun pan racks, commercial food storage containers, restaurant bus tubs, ingredient bins, restaurant shelving, food carriers, and many other restaurant food storage items.

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Whether you are looking for undercounter dishwashers, glass washers, or door-type dishwashers, Burkett Restaurant Equipment has the commercial warewashing equipment for you.

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Small Appliances

Burkett Restaurant Equipment has a large stock of many varieties of small appliances, from Blenders and Drink Mixers to Toasters and Sandwich Grills. No matter the application, we have a product suited to your establishment's specific needs.

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