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Commercial Hot Plates

Hot Plates, it sounds like something from a bad motel, but really they are a great choice for many establishments. If you find your range does not have enough space for all the pots and pans you need, then a hot plate will pick up the slack. For other businesses that don't need a full range, then the hot plate is a great choice for space and money savings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Hot Plates

What is a Commercial Hot Plate?

Hot plates are great for portability and cook foods in a similar way as to how a range might. Hot plates tend to sit on counters or equipment stands for convenient access.

What kind of Commercial Hot Plates are there?

Hot plates are available in either gas or electric design, and with single or multiple burners. Gas hot plates are also available in step-up design. Step-up hot plates have a rear burner or burners that are raised slightly higher than those in front. This design gives you easier access to items in the back without reaching over hot or tall pots that are in the way.