Commercial Hot Plates

Commercial Electric Hot Plates

Place these electric hot plates anywhere you need them thanks to their simple electrical connection and countertop setup. These units come in different styles, sizes, and materials to suit your cooking needs.

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Commercial Electric Hot Plates

Commercial Gas Hot Plates

Provide a bit more power and heat with gas powered hot plates. These units can substitute for full size ranges or are a great complement as well.

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Commercial Gas Hot Plates

Step-Up Gas Hot Plates

Step-up your cooking game and add an extra gas burner with these hot plates. Featuring durable stainless steel construction, powerful burners, and precise temperature control, these hot plates are perfect for any professional kitchen.

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Step-Up Gas Hot Plates

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Commercial hot plates are an excellent complement to a commercial range during busy days.

A hot plate is a compact, self-contained tabletop cooktop that can be easily moved and has one or more gas or electric heating elements. Although a hot plate can be used alone, it is frequently used to replace one of the burners on an oven range or a kitchen stove. In places where a full kitchen stove would not be convenient or practicable, hot plates are frequently utilized for food preparation.

A hot plate is very useful to concession stands, kiosks, or food trucks because they are easy to move around thanks to their smaller dimensions. Despite their smaller size, commercial hot plates can produce quality similar to a full size commercial range.

At Burkett, we offer hot plates in a wide variety of burner quantities, types, and control systems.

Connection Type

The first decision to make when looking to purchase a commercial hot plate is whether you want electric or gas. In some portions of the country, gas is less expensive than electricity, thus using a gas hot plate can save you money. A gas hot plate is also more powerful and heats up quickly, making it perfect for busy kitchens that will use it frequently or heat big volumes at once.

Commercial electric hot plates are more portable and a sensible option for irregular use. A countertop electric range can be relocated or stored away much more easily than gas equipment. Additionally, electricity tends to produce less ambient heat, so it can keep your kitchen cooler than gas models. The main advantage of an electric commercial hot plate is mobility.

Step-Up Hot Plates

Gas hot plates are also available in step-up design. Step-up hot plates have a rear burner or burners that are raised slightly higher than those in front. This design gives you easier access to items in the back without reaching over hot or tall pots that are in the way. Step-up burners come in a range of widths and burner quantities. Choose from sizes ranging between 12" and 48". Units are available with up to 6 burners.

Electric Burner Type

Commercial hot plate burners are available in either coil designs or flat top designs. Coil burner hot plates are very common among gas-powered models. They are less expensive than electric types. Since foods, sauces, and debris can fall into the spiral grates, cleaning can be much more difficult compared to solid grates.

Solid plate burners are either flat or raised circles. Among electric hot plates, solid cooktops seem to be favored for their ease of use and quick clean up capability. These surfaces are constructed of glass ceramic or cast iron.

  • Cast iron has excellent heat retention, so as you add cold cookware to it after it has been preheated, the temperature will remain more closely in the desired range. These burner plates are also quite durable, so they should last for years.
  • Although spills might burn to the cooking surface and require some scrubbing, glass-ceramic is smooth and simple to clean. Although they tend to be the most expensive item in this category, these units also heat up quickly.

Gas Burner Types

Gas hot plate ranges are available in either stainless steel or cast iron.

  • Stainless steel units tend to be easier to clean and maintain, while also being more lightweight.
  • Cast iron grates are more rugged and durable for high volume cooking than stainless steel. The biggest reason cast iron grates are preferred to stainless steel is that they retain heat very well, and thus can decrease cooking times. The drawback of cast iron, is in the amount of time you will spend maintaining your commercial hot plate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Hot Plates

What is a commercial hot plate?

A commercial hot plate is a commercial variant of a regular hot plate, which is a small, portable, self-contained appliance suitable for use on a tabletop. Hot plates can be used as a standalone appliance or as a substitute for one of the burners from a commercial range.

Should you buy a gas or an electric hot plate?

A gas hot plate is also more powerful and heats up quickly, making it perfect for busy kitchens that will use it frequently or heat big volumes at once. Electric hot plates will have longer cook times but are generally more energy efficient.

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