Charbroiler Hot Plate Combos

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Combine the powers of a charbroiler and hot plate under one footprint with one of these compact combination cooktops.

Commercial charbroilers are great for grilling anything from vegetables to meats. You can cook an entire meal on a charbroiler alone. The hot plates are perfect for soups, sauces, or sides. Combined this unit can help your kitchen improve its food consistency and efficiency.

These units are excellent additions to catering kitchens, concession stands, and food trucks. Sizes range to give you more options depending upon available space.

Commercial Charbroiler

You can expand your menu by including a wide range of mouthwatering items with the right commercial charbroiler. Charbroilers enable you to achieve a smokey, char-grilled flavor with steaks, chicken, and fish. Additionally, they leave delicious grill marks on sandwiches and vegetables.

Metal radiating elements above the burner are heated by charbroilers using gas or electricity. Food that has been placed on top of the radiants is then heated. Some charbroilers don't use metal radiants at all, instead using lava rocks or char rocks. In these models, the food is cooked by the flame and the rocks, with the rocks collecting and vaporizing the drippings.

Check out our collection of countertop commercial charbroilers for adding a grill to your kitchen. You can find full-size charbroilers as well.

Commercial Hot Plates

A tabletop cooktop with one or more gas or electric heating components is called a hot plate. It is small and self-contained. A hot plate can be used on its own, but it's typically used to replace one of the burners on a kitchen stove or oven range. Hot plates are widely used for food preparation in situations where a full kitchen range would not be practical or convenient.

A hot plate is highly beneficial for food trucks, kiosks, and concession stalls because it is portable due to its compact size. Commercial hot plates can generate quality that is comparable to that of a full-sized commercial range, despite their smaller size.

For individual hot plates, we have a great selection of electric or gas hot plates, as well as step-up hot plates.


Charbroiler sizes range from 12" to 36" wide, while hot plates can come in either 2 or 4 burner configurations. These combination cooktops are available in 12" increments.

The smallest units start around 24", with a 12" charbroiler and another 12" of hot plate space. The largest units are around 48" wide. Wider units provide larger grilling surfaces.

Countertop cooking combination units are designed to fit in compact kitchens, so their sizes are smaller than full-size models.

Make your chefs lives easier since they won't have to move around to different appliances when they have multiple cooktops in one station. Contact Burkett for further questions or help, we are here to help you make the best decision for your business!

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