Commercial Gas Hot Plates

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Give your kitchen or food truck an extra kick with one of these compact, yet powerful gas hot plates!

Commercial gas hot plates give users a bit more cooking power than their electrical counterparts. Countertop gas ranges are available in a wide variety of sizes, burner quantities, BTUs, and control types.

In some regions of the country, gas is more affordable than electricity, hence operating a gas unit may be less expensive. Gas cooking is also more common among chefs. A gas hot plate is the best choice for busy kitchens that frequently use it or need to heat a lot of food at once because gas is more powerful and heats up more quickly.

Similar to stock pot ranges, countertop gas hot plates are great for adding an extra cooking appliance to your commercial kitchen. They are typically lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and store when not in use.

Sizing & Burner Capacity

Countertop ranges come in variety of widths and burner quantities. BTUs also range. The higher the BTUs, the more power the hot plate will provide.

Starting around 12" wide with a single burner, or two burners positioned back-to-back, these small gas units are great for adding additional cooking space to an already stocked kitchen. Add one of these small units when chef's need an extra burner for finishing soups or sauces.

On the larger end of the spectrum, we offer gas tabletop ranges that can be as wide as 48". These units offer many more burners, usually fitting either 6 or 8 cast iron burners. Larger countertop hot plates are great for concession stands or food trucks that do not have a full-size commercial stove or range. These mini ranges can sit comfortably atop countertops and give your small kitchen a similar quality cooking process to full size cooking equipment.

For a bit more versatility, check out step-up ranges. These units have an elevated back row of burners to increase safety and make pans easier to grab.

Control Type

Our collection of gas hot plates are available with either infinite or manual controls.

  • Manual controls are less expensive, however they provide a more general heating temperature.
  • Thermostatic controls provide more accurate temperatures but can be more expensive.


Constructed primarily of durable stainless steel, commercial hot plates will be easy for kitchen staff to maintain and clean daily. Cast iron grates are removeable to allow for deeper cleanings as well. Be sure to be careful when cleaning around pilot lights.

The majority of units have continuous pilot lights that facilitate quick ignition. With full-length bottom-mounted grease trays, messes are less and cleanups are easier. Because of its solid metal legs and knobs, a countertop gas range you buy will be able to resist frequent use in your business.

If gas is a more expensive utility in your area, or you're looking for a portable range that can work almost anywhere, check out countertop electric ranges. With such wide options in configurations, you should be able to find any size commercial hot plate you may need.

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