Food Preparation Equipment

Commercial Mixers

Effortlessly chop, dice, and slice ingredients with our high-quality mixing and cutting food prep equipment. These products are designed for durability and precision.

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Commercial Mixers

Handheld Cutters, Slicers & Dicers

Effortlessly slice, dice, and chop with our handheld cutters, slicers, and dicers. Featuring sharp blades and ergonomic handles, these tools make food prep a breeze.

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Handheld Cutters, Slicers & Dicers

Food Processors & Grinders

Effortlessly chop, grind, and puree with our selection of food processors and grinders. These appliances have many unique features that help make your meal prep quick and easy.

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Food Processors & Grinders

Dough Sheeters, Rounders & Dividers

Easily create consistent dough shapes and sizes for your pastries, breads, and more. Streamline your bakery operations with our dough sheeters, rounders, and dividers.

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Dough Sheeters, Rounders, & Dividers

Slicing Equipment

Slice with precision and speed using our commercial food slicing equipment. The many features allow for efficient food preparation in any kitchen.

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Slicing Equipment

Food Weighing & Packaging Equipment

Accurately portion and package your ingredients with our food weighing and packaging equipment. These scales provide precise, efficient operation.

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Food Weighing & Packaging Equipment

Food Preparation Equipment Accessories

Enhance your food prep game with our top-quality accessories. From durable cutting boards to mixing bowls, our products make your kitchen tasks more efficient.

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Food Preparation Equipment Accessories

The first step to cooking any great meal is food prep, and having the proper food preparation equipment can be just as important as the ingredients you use.

From the presentation to the taste, having quality food prep equipment in your kitchen will make everything you create even more delicious. Food prep can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and what equipment you need will depend on the type of establishment you run. For more information about the proper equipment for your business type, check out our business type page. If you want to prep food to be used later or simply store it for longer use, Burkett also has a variety of packaging equipment that will increase the freshness lifespan of your food. Food packaging equipment like vacuum sealers are also perfect for different cooking techniques like Sous Vide Immersion Circulator cooking. For every step of the food preparation process, Burkett has the best equipment to make your job easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Food Prep Equipment

What Kind of Food Prep Equipment is Available?

Handheld Cutters Slicers and Dicers - non-electrical equipment that is made for slicing, dicing, and cutting a wide variety of food products. These are specialized products that are ideal for medium volume establishments that prepare their own food. Smaller volume establishments may prefer to simply cut their products by hand with cutlery, and high volume establishments may prefer electric food prep equipment. These slicers and dicers can be used for produce, cheese, meat, potatoes, and more.

Can Openers and Crushers - if your establishment uses any canned products, you will need at least one can opener on hand. For establishments that go through many cans often, a can crusher is a great addition to save space in your trash.

Dough Sheeters, Rounders, & Dividers - for any bakery, pizzeria, or other establishment that bakes fresh dough, dough equipment can speed up your prep process and create a more consistent final product.

Mixing and Cutting Equipment - electric equipment that can mix and cut products in a variety of ways for faster and more consistent food prep.

Food Processors and Grinders - electric equipment that can quickly process food for a variety of uses, from grinding meat to dicing tomatoes.

Slicing Equipment - equipment that allows for the slicing of deli meat, perfect for any deli, sandwich shop, or grocery store. This equipment may be electrical, manual, and come with a variety of features.

Food Weighing and Packaging Equipment - scales and packaging machines that create even serving sizes, weigh foods for pricing by weight, and package food for longer freshness. 

Accessories - various blades, attachments, and replacement parts for all kinds of food prep equipment.

What Equipment Do I Need for My Business Type?

Restaurant - The restaurant is the broadest style of foodservice establishment, and the type of food prep equipment you need will vary greatly by size and food type. Take a look at all of the food you plan to serve and which of our equipment types listed above will be beneficial in the process of prepping that food.

Pizzeria - Some essential prep equipment for a pizzeria includes large planetary mixers for making fresh dough, dough equipment that will form the crusts into perfectly flat, even circles in seconds, and slicers and dicers for preparing fresh toppings. For canned toppings and sauces, a can opener is a necessary addition. A baker’s scale can help in dividing your dough into even pieces. You also may want a vacuum packaging machine to prepare toppings in advance.

Bakery - Every bakery will need at least one planetary mixer for mixing fresh dough. You also will need a baker’s scale to weigh the dough to ensure it is being divided into equal pieces for consistent final products. In higher volume or fast paced bakeries, it may also be beneficial to include some kind of dough equipment like a dough sheeter, rounder, or divider to speed up your dough making process while creating a more consistent final product. Other equipment you may consider is food processors for making your own fillings or toppings. For a broader guide on bakery equipment, be sure to check out our Bakery Equipment Buyer's Guide!

Coffee Shop - While food prep isn’t always the first thing you think of when you think of coffee shops, there are still some basic pieces of equipment you may benefit from. For coffee shops that serve baked goods along with beverages, you may benefit from planetary mixers, scales, and packaging equipment for making these products fresh.

Deli or Sandwich Shop - The most important part of any deli or sandwich shop is a meat slicer to get fresh cuts of deli meat for each customer. If your shop makes their own bread, you will also want a planetary mixer. It is also important to have a legal for trade scale to weight and price your cuts of meat. For sandwich shops that top their sandwiches with fresh ingredients, it is also good to have handheld cutters and slicers for slicing cheese (which can also be done on certain meat slicers) and chopping up fresh veggies.