Vegetable & Fruit Peelers

From the traditional all-metal peeler found in any mom’s kitchen to a Pro-Grip Straight Peeler, Burkett has the ergonomically designed vegetable peeler for you. Decide how you want to hold your peeler and then get going on those potatoes. Ergonomically designed handles are shaped to fit the natural contours of your closed palm, so your hand will be in its most natural position while gripping and using a kitchen tool. Ergonomic handles help reduce hand and wrist strain that can cause complications like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This strain may seems like a minor threat, but when standing in a commercial kitchen all day doing repetitive motions, the strain on one's hands and arms can be very real. It should be noted that not all peelers are the same. There are the traditional vegetable peelers that you would see in most kitchens, but there are also tomato peelers, designed to peel away the gentle skin of a tomato without breaking the skin. Another way to peel the skin from tomatoes or potatoes is to do the peeling after the fruit and vegetables are cooked. Tomatoes and potatoes come loose from their peels very easily after they have been boiled for a while.