Concession Equipment & Supplies

Popular Products

Popular Products

Concession Equipment

Whether you're in the business of sweet treats, savory salted snacks or a delicious combination that’s little bit of everything, we have just the right piece of equipment for it. From shaved ice machines to cotton candy machines, popcorn equipment and candy apple cookers, Burkett's selection is as eclectic as a concession menu.

Used Concession Equipment & Supplies

Our diverse selection of used concession equipment and supplies goes through a rigorous 10-step reconditioning process. We break it down to build it back up and restore the original shine. The result? Products backed by the best warranty in the industry and with savings of up to 75% off the price of similar new items.

Concession Supplies

You've got the equipment to prepare your food, make certain that you have the supplies to properly serve your concession food. From condiment dispensers to vendor trays, get everything you need to dispense your concession food.

Concession equipment and supplies are what helps make your business a success, whether you own a stand, a cart or a trailer. Concessions are not just about county fairs and festivals. You can find them at sporting events, in schools, churches, businesses and everywhere in between. Seasonal or year-round, find the best fit for your niche and your budget with the best brands and best prices at Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies.