Caramel Corn Stoves & Accessories

Create sweet, flavorful caramel corn with our cutting-edge commercial caramel corn equipment.

Caramel corn cookers are incredibly flexible and offer specialized options to fit your needs. They cover popcorn with power and accuracy for batch after batch of delicious caramel corn. These stoves are designed specifically for mixing pre-popped corn with a sweet liquid caramel coating.

Available in electric models with left- or right-hand dumps, these stoves are ideal for producing plenty of caramel corn to treat your loyal customers. Some models even include cooling pan systems attached so you can keep the whole caramel corn cooking process in one place.

Before it can be packaged or served, caramel corn needs to cool quickly in order to maintain its quality. You can choose between caramel corn makers with or without integrated cooling trays. Once popcorn is cooled and ready to be served or sold, use a commercial popcorn warmer to keep your treats hot and fresh.


We offer a variety of configurations and capacities of caramel corn stoves. Caramel corn stoves stand between 2 feet and 3 feet tall. Equipment stands are common and can be easily found for cooling pans, mixers, and stoves. Stands for caramel mixers and caramel cooling pans tend to stay under 36" wide and tall.

With proper supervision and placement, much of this caramel popcorn equipment can be placed on countertops or compact spaces in stadiums or movie theaters. Select models come in countertop designs for added convenience, and we also carry floor units fully equipped with heavy-duty casters allowing for hassle-free mobility in and around your food prep area.

For more popcorn display equipment, check out carts, wagons, and merchandisers.


It usually takes about 30 minutes per batch in copper kettles. Using aluminum kettles may save you a few minutes per batch. Depending on how much corn you need to create in an hour, pick the appropriate caramel corn machine. The largest 20-gallon machines can create more than 80 pounds in an hour, while a 5-gallon unit can make roughly 10 pounds per hour for smaller volumes.

Caramel Corn Cooling Pans

Caramel corn cooling pans are designed specifically for creating consistent caramel popcorn. Once you've dipped your popcorn in the hot caramel, you need to allow it to cool to complete the process. Cooling pans are large stations where you place your hot, wet caramel corn to allow for drying. Pushing cool air through the hot caramel, will cool it down and harden the liquid. This creates that delicious sweet, crunchy popcorn customers desire.

Cooling stands can come separate or attached with a caramel corn mixer.

Caramel Corn Mixers

For bakers and chefs, caramel corn mixers are excellent tools. These cooking mixers stand on a pedestal, or an equipment stand with a cooling pan. They make it simple to add ingredients while consistently mixing. This commercial corn mixer has a gentle mixing motion that perfectly blends your corn and caramel thoroughly.

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