Butter Warmers & Spreaders

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Spread warm butter quickly and easily with butter warmers and spreaders.

Whether you need to spread some butter over breakfast toast or pump some butter for your movie popcorn, at Burkett we have a selection of butter warmers and spreaders to help your kitchen get the job done. Use a butter spreader for all your toast, bagels, and even corn on the cob.

These machines allow you to spread butter on buns or bread in a single swift action, saving you the trouble of using several spreader knives. Additionally, they aid with the consistent and even dispensing of butter to various products. These useful kitchen appliances make it easy to apply butter without making a mess, which reduces the amount of time you need to clean up.

Butter Spreaders

Butter spreaders are useful for buttering high-volumes of foods at one time. These units are excellent for restaurants, dining halls, hotels, or anywhere that buttered breads or toast is served. Most units can hold one 1 pound brick of butter.

Butter Dispensers

Popcorn is easily the most popular cinema snack and more often than not customers are looking to add some extra butter atop their fresh hot popcorn. With one of these great butter dispensers you can be sure you're customers are getting the best tasting popcorn you can provide. Butter dispensers are available in push button or pump configurations.

For additional butter dispensing units, check out spout and pump warmers.

To help complete your purchase, look at some of our high-quality popcorn equipment. For any of your buttering and popcorn needs, Burkett is here to help!

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