Shaved Ice Machines

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Shaved ice machines are designed to effortlessly create a simple frozen treat that everyone will love on a hot summer day. They are ideal for almost any summer event and can be used anywhere electricity is available. Concession stands, convenience stores, and snack shacks are a few places that could benefit from a snow cone machine. Different models have different quantities, so whether you will be selling just a few snow cones per hour of a constant line of customers, you’ll always have the right amount of shaved ice on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shaved Ice Machines

How Do I Choose My Shaved Ice Machine?

A few things to consider are the volume of use, location of use, and merchandising. If you plan to sell in a busy amusement park, a shaved ice machine with large volume capacity will be necessary to keep up with demand. If you only need a few cones per hour, there’s no need to waste space with large unit. Location is important to decide, as some units are made to be mounted to a countertop, while others may sit in a cart. Merchandising is also important to consider, as some models are simple, others feature fun graphics, or are even shaped like a polar bear! If you are keeping the machine where no customers will see it, there’s no point in getting a merchandised machine. We also offer a variety of shaved ice & snow cone carts with graphics that match your shaved ice machines and can allow them to be mobile or stand on their own.

What Is the Difference Between Shaved Ice and a Snow Cone?

Shaved ice is made by shredding an ice block or chunks of ice into small, shaved bits, which requires the use of a heavier-duty machine with a larger, motorized construction. Snow cone machines are often smaller and less complicated, generating a product similar to ice pebbles.