Blender Parts & Accessories

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With frequent use of any blender, commercial or otherwise, your parts and accessories could wear out or require replacing. This and it might also be good to have a spare. This is why Burkett offers a wide selection of commercial blender parts and accessories. We offer replacement parts and accessories for almost every model of blender we sell, so your business won’t have to worry about replacing a whole unit for one problem part.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blender Parts and Accessories

What are Different Blender Parts & Accessories Used For?

  • Blade assembly - for replacing dull or broken blades or upgrading to a heavier duty blade assembly
  • Sound enclosure - reduce the noise of a blender and to keep your establishment’s desired atmosphere
  • Agitator - for replacing broken agitators used in drink and shake mixers
  • Drive socket kit - for replacing the drive socket which is a critical part of your blender to hold the blade together and prevent overheating and damage
  • Blender container rinser - for easy rinsing your blender containers to make cleaning an easier process
  • Extra program chip - bring your technology to the next level by adding additional programming software to your blenders
  • Conversion kit - for converting drink mixers between different agitator styles
  • Container lid and plug - for replacing a missing or broken blender lid
  • Rinser parts - additional replacement parts for your container rinser
  • Foot control - control your mixer without pressing any buttons to allow handling the container with both hands
  • Mounting bracket - for mounting your mixer to your wall to free up counter space
  • Complete repair kit - a kit that contains parts and tools for repairing any issues your blender may have