Coffee Brewers for Decanters

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Whether for your coffee shop, office, convenience store, or restaurant, commercial coffee makers are the best choice for making a great pot of coffee in a short amount of time. Standard automatic commercial coffee machines are incredibly easy to use: simply add a filter and grounds to the basket, then make sure that you have a decanter underneath and turn it on. With a pourover coffee maker, the steps are the same except you will also need to fill the water tank as it does not utilize a water line connection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Coffee Makers

Does a Commercial Coffee Maker Need a Water Line?

Automatic coffee makers require a water line to allow for automatic refilling of the water tank, saving you time in a busy kitchen. If you choose a pourover or drip brewer, you will not need a water line connection and can manually fill the water tank. Some models are even able to be used for both styles of brewing.

How Many Pots of Coffee Can You Make at Once?

The maximum number of brewer heads is two, but many models feature warming plates that allow you to keep up to 6 decanters filled with coffee ready to serve for hours. These are either on top of the brewer for small spaces or off to the side for larger spaces.