Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators

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Glass door merchandiser refrigerators are one of the most popular types of commercial refrigerators because of their versatility and attractive designs.

Grocery stores, restaurants, specialty shops, and cafés all love glass door merchandiser refrigerators. Whether it's used in the dairy aisle, as a beverage cooler, or to display packaged meals for sale, a merchandiser cooler is the perfect storage space for refrigerated food items. Plus, their sleek exteriors are great for customer-facing spaces. With a merchandiser refrigerator, customers can see what's for sale, without opening the door. Shop glass door merchandiser refrigerators in various sizes from trusted industry names like True Manufacturing, Turbo Air, and SEAGATE Commercial Products at Burkett.

Buying Considerations:

  • Size - Merchandiser coolers come in one, two, and three door models. We also offer compact countertop models for when space is limited. Usually commercial refrigerators indicate their holding capacity in cubic feet, but for merchandising refrigeration it can be easier to think of sizing in terms of shelf space. Each section of a merchandiser refrigerator will come with four shelves. Plus, the floor of these units can be used as its own shelf for extra space. Consider how much product your business stocks as well as floor space available to determine what size merchandiser refrigerator is right for you.
  • Access Type - These commercial refrigerators come with options for sliding or swing doors. Both options are great and won't impact the visibility of products. For stores with less space, sliding doors can be a great fit since the door won't need to obstruct a walkway in order to be open. Swing doors are often self-closing and make it easy to access products at the very back of the unit.
  • Exterior Finish - Our selection of merchandiser refrigerators includes models with either a black or white coated steel exterior. This finish is durable, attractive, and designed to withstand the wear of everyday use.
  • Lighting - Since these commercial refrigerators are specially designed to display products, they are equipped with brilliant lighting to draw in customers and properly illuminate the interior contents. Lit sign panels are bright and colorful, and can be personalized to market products you sell. LED interior lighting is most common for these units since it's energy efficient and bright.
  • Use - It's important to note what products your merchandiser refrigerator is qualified to store. Unlike other commercial refrigerators that are designed for use in the kitchen, most merchandiser refrigerators are not designed to hold open food products. Check the NSF rating on your unit to see what kind of food products are approved.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators

What's the difference between a merchandiser refrigerator, and a reach-in refrigerator?

While reach-in refrigerators offer glass door models, they lack some of the features that make a merchandiser refrigerator perfect for the job. Merchandiser refrigerators with their lit sign panels, no stoop bottom shelf designs, and sliding door options make them a better fit for merchandising refrigeration than reach-in refrigerators. Plus, reach-in refrigerators are designed to hold open food products in a commercial kitchen. Merchandiser refrigerators generally do not meet the requirements for food safety to hold open food products.

What shelving options are available?

Epoxy coated or PVC coated steel shelves are popular options for shelving in merchandiser refrigerators. These coatings help prevent rust and make shelves easier to clean. Stainless steel shelving can last longer since coated shelves will eventually wear down over time. Check out our selection of wire shelving for additional or replacement shelves for your merchandiser refrigerator.

Can I use a glass door merchandiser refrigerator for my bar?

These units can fulfill a wide variety of purposes, including those of a bar or restaurant! Although they are not technically listed as bar refrigeration, they are a popular option to store and display bottled beverages in a bar setting.