Reach-In Freezers

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Commercial reach-in freezers keep food frozen goods conveniently stored to save time during the daily prep process.

These commercial reach-in freezers are a great option for restaurants, bars, or cafes that have limited space or are looking to expand their cold storage space past the walk-in. Burkett offers one, two, and three door commercial reach-in freezers to fit your business's space and needs. Choose between glass or solid door options based on whether being able to see the interior contents will be beneficial to your team. Glass door freezers allow you to easily take inventory of what is being stored before opening the door. Solid door freezers provide a durable, sleek look and keeps the interior contents neatly tucked away.

Burkett's commercial upright freezers feature durable stainless steel or aluminum body construction. Some models offer LED lighting, split doors, self-cleaning condensers, and even Energy Star ratings to help keep operational costs low.

Take note of the refrigeration location when choosing your reach-in freezer. Most models come with a top or bottom mounted refrigeration system. Top mounted compressors can be easier to clean, while bottom mounted compressors cool the unit with less work. It's important to make sure the unit will have the proper space allotted for proper air flow to the compressor.

Burkett is proud to offer commercial reach in freezers from top refrigeration brands like True Refrigeration, Turbo Air, SEAGATE Products, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Reach-in Freezers

What do I need to know before buying a commercial reach-in freezer?

Some of the biggest considerations that should be made when shopping for a commercial reach-In freezer are size and placement. It is important to plan out where the unit will be placed so you can choose the proper sized unit and place it with room to breathe. Placement also helps you determine what kind of door swing you will need so the flow of work is not hindered by an awkwardly moving door.

Can a commercial reach-in freezer be placed without clearance?

Technically they can, but it is best not to do so. It is more efficient to place the unit with at least 3" of clearance on each side, including the back. Doing so will allow air to flow properly, meaning the refrigeration coils will be properly cooled and the compressor will not have to work so hard. Following these clearance guidelines will add life to your unit.

How can I save on energy costs with a commercial reach-in freezer?

There are several ways to cut energy costs with your commercial reach-In freezer. Consider Energy Star rated units to be sure you're getting the best unit for this purpose and consider units with solid and split doors. Solid doors can hold in the cool air better and split doors allow easy access to products with minimal energy loss that can be associated with full sized doors being opened. The location of the compressor can also affect energy efficiency. Top mounted compressors generate heat away from the cold zone, making the process more efficient than bottom compressors. For more information about Energy Star, check out the Burkett Blog, What is Energy Star?