Flake Ice Machine Heads

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Flake ice machine heads come in a variety of sizes to create fresh ice for all of your buffets and retail displays.

A flake ice machine head is an essential piece of equipment for any business that wants to produce high-quality flake ice for a variety of commercial uses. Flake ice is used primarily in displays, such as meat and seafood cases, deli’s, and buffets, but can also be used for blended drinks to create a smoother blend. The consistency of flake ice is similar to snow, and is packable to be molded into whatever shape you need. These machines are available in a wide range of configurations of daily production, condenser size, and condenser type. Burkett has flake ice machine heads from top commercial brands like Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman, Manitowoc, and more.

Buying Considerations

  • Available Space: Before making a purchase, make sure you have enough space for the dispenser/bin you choose in addition to the flake ice machine head. You might also need to take a few inches of clearance surrounding the machine into consideration, depending on the unit and the type of cooling system.
  • Quantity of ice needed: It is essential to determine how much ice you will use on an average day before choosing an ice maker head.
  • Type of cooling system: Depending on how much space you have for ventilation, you can choose either an air-cooled or a water-cooled ice machine head. Air-cooled systems will require more ventilation space than water-cooled systems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flake Ice Machine Heads

Do I need to purchase an ice bin/dispenser?

Yes, if you buy an ice machine head, you will also need an ice bin or dispenser. Ice can be dispensed straight into a cup or bucket using a dispenser, avoiding direct touch with the ice in hotels and self-service establishments. Large amounts of ice can be kept in bins so that it is always available. To create the optimal combination unit, you may need to fit an ice machine head with a bin that is a different size. If so, take a look at our selection of ice bin top adapters.

What size ice machine head should I purchase?

A commercial ice maker's head capacity is measured in pounds of ice that can be generated over a typical 24-hour cycle. When calculating how much ice your company needs, always consider possible growth because ice makers can last for up to 10 years (with proper care and maintenance).

To determine the ice needs for your business, you will need to consider business type and average customers per day.

Restaurant: 1.5 lbs. of ice per customer

Cocktail Bar: 3 lbs. of ice per customer

Salad Bar: 35 lbs. of ice per cubic foot

Hotel: 5 lbs. of ice per room

Healthcare: 10 lbs. of ice per patient

Cafeteria: 1 lb. of ice per customer

Should I choose an air-cooled or water-cooled flake ice machine head?

Air-cooled ice machine heads are the most widely used option because they are more affordable and consume less energy. They operate more efficiently in cooler, well-ventilated environments. When installed in a hot or poorly ventilated area, your machine may have to work harder and produce less.

Water-cooled ice machine heads are more expensive to operate since they require more water (about 5 times more than an air-cooled ice machine). Despite this, hot kitchens or smaller areas with little ventilation might be the best locations for water-cooled ice machines.

What other ice types are available besides flakes?

ice types

Cubed ice is made standard for beverage service in bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Nugget ice is chewable ice that is perfect for healthcare as well as any business trying to add a special touch to their beverages. Nugget ice is a customer favorite, popularized in non-healthcare use as “Sonic Ice”.

Gourmet ice is larger, usually round ice that is ideal for use in high-end bars for signature drinks. Large ice melts slower, keeping your best drinks from becoming watered down while still keeping them cool

Other Ice Machine Options

If an all-in-one unit would work better for your needs, check out ice machines with dispensers, undercounter ice machines, and ice machine & bin combos.