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Oven To Table Items

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Some food on a menu requires for the food to be cooked or warmed in specialty dishes and brought directly to the customer’s table hot from the oven. Items like soufflé and fajitas require the food to remain in their original baking dish as removing it from the dish will either cause damage to the dish or ruin the experience for the customer.

These types of dishes are best preceded with the well-known “Hot plate!” warning from the server when serving them to your patrons. They’ve been properly warned, but what can you do to prevent employees from being burned by a lava hot platter? Most of the time, common sense will prevail, but always remind your servers to put on a glove or mitt before picking up the dishes. To prevent the rest of the arm from getting burned, suggest that the throw a towel over their forearm when taking the dishes out.

To prevent other wait staff from accidentally bumping an arm on the hot surfaces, dedicate a special section in the outgoing area for food that has just been taken out of the oven. Your staff will know to avoid that area unless they are going to pick up a specific menu item for a diner. If gloves or towels aren’t available, a clean, folded apron will do in a pinch to prevent any burns while the dish is being brought to the front of the house.

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