Blender Containers

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It’s always a good idea to have a spare, so Burkett offers a wide selection of commercial blender containers for your favorite blender models. When blending is an essential function of your business, you don’t want to rely on just one container. Whether for emergencies or just to have more than one for daily use, having an extra blender container is the right move. We offer containers from your favorite blender brands like Vitamix, Waring, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Blender Containers

Why Would I Need an Extra Blender Container?

When it comes to essential items in your kitchen, it’s always good to have a spare. You never know when things could go wrong - a container gets dropped, someone forgets to clean it, etc. If you only have the container that came with your blender, you may be caught in a sticky situation when these things happen, slowing down or even halting operations. Having a spare can prevent your kitchen from slowing down, keeping your customers happy.

Is It Necessary to Buy the Container for My Exact Model of Blender?

Yes. While containers may look similar to one another, it is always a good idea to get the one made for your specific model. Each blender is made slightly differently, especially between different manufacturers. So, to make sure it fits properly, we recommend sticking with the container that is made for your blender.

Is There a Difference Between Square and Round Blender Containers?

While it may not seem like it, there is a reasoning behind the shape of the blender jar. A round jar is the ideal choice for thinner liquid blending, as it avoids product getting stuck in corners. With a square jar, however, your ingredients get tossed around more by hitting the angles, allowing you to ensure all of your product is being properly blended. This is why a square jar is recommended for thicker blending tasks.