Ice Machine Filters

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Ice machine filters are essential to replace every 6 months to keep your ice machine running at its full potential.

Every ice machine requires a specific filter that ensures the water coming into it is pure. Commercial ice machine filters are essential to have on hand to keep your machine producing healthy, clear, and great-tasting ice. Not only that, but the cleaner the water, the better it functions due to less build-up on internal parts of the machine. To complement your particular machine, choose from a variety of filters made for scale, sediment, taste, or even bacteria reduction. Every ice machine needs a filter, no matter the size or style. Depending on how much water you need to filter and its hardness, choose from one of our single, double, or three-stage filtration systems. Browse commercial ice machine filters from top brands like Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman, Manitowoc, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Machine Filters

How often should my ice machine’s filter be changed?

Ice machine filters are typically meant to be changed every 6 months. This is the standard for almost all commercial ice machines, but check your spec sheet to be sure. If your filter isn’t changed often enough, your machines performance will be hurt due to bacterial growth and calcium build-up. It will also be making bad-tasting and unhealthy ice. For both the health of your customers and the lifespan of your machine, always keep your ice machine filter up to date. For more information on ice machine maintenance, check out the Burkett Blog, Commercial Ice Machine Preventative Maintenance & Care.

What kind of filter does my ice machine require?

The particular filter that each ice machine requires can be found on the product’s spec sheet. Never try to use any filter that is not meant for your machine. An incorrect filter may not fit properly or filter the water correctly. Using a non-approved filtration system also will void most ice maker’s warranty.

How hard is it to change an ice machine filter?

Replacing an ice machine filter is not typically very complicated, but it can take a bit of time. It may be tempting to forego this, but it is absolutely essential to replace it every 6 months. Changing your filter will typically require a few tools depending on the model, but changing it does not require a professional. Any user can follow the instructions to change the filter properly as needed. It will usually require you to drain your machine, so you will want to go about replacing the filter during non-business hours. Some filters may be more complicated than others to change, so always check the owner’s manual ahead of time to ensure you have all of the proper tools and time to install the new filter.

What other ice machine accessories are available to help upgrade your machine?

Double or triple filter systems attach like any other filter but run through more filters to create even cleaner ice. Growth inhibitor kits are an addition that can help your ice machine to run more efficiently and require less frequent cleaning (note: regular cleaning will still always be required). Ice bin top adapter kits allow modular ice machine heads to be placed on almost any bin to provide a perfect fit. These products are just a few of the common ways to upgrade your machine with ice machine filters and accessories.