Ice Machine Parts, Kits, & Accessories

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Ice machine parts, kits, and accessories are a great way to upgrade your commercial ice machine’s abilities.

With the help of our commercial ice machine parts, kits, and accessories, you can keep your ice maker in proper operating condition and make sure you have all the supplies and equipment you require. There are a wide variety of options from Burkett, but it can be overwhelming to understand what options you may need. Shop ice machine parts and accessories from top brands like Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman, Manitowoc, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Machine Parts, Kits, and Accessories

What types of ice machine parts, kits, and accessories are there?

  • Ice bin tops are a great option for modular machines. Sometimes when you purchase an ice machine the ice storage bin that meets your needs may not be perfect a match for your ice machine head. That’s where a bin top kit comes in! A bin top kit is a specially designed adapter plate that is placed between the bin and the ice maker, when the widths of both vary from each other, in order to help properly connect the units and insulate the ice by closing gaps that are unnecessarily wide. The kits are used on either modular or remote machines and they assure the ice is properly funneled into the bin.
  • Equipment stands are great for ice dispensers and bins. Some machines are made for countertop use, but if you lack the countertop space, an equipment stand can be a good alternative to bring it to the proper height. Other equipment stands can keep your ice bins at a higher level for easy access and even storage underneath.
  • UV sanitation systems can help minimize the amount of cleaning required in your machine by killing germs with ultra-violet light. We also carry UV replacement bulbs for these sanitation systems.
  • Burkett also offers a variety of other accessories like water glass filler kits, hoses, and other miscellaneous parts.

How can ice machine parts upgrade my machine?

Growth inhibitor kits are an addition that can help your ice machine to run more efficiently and require less frequent cleaning (note: regular cleaning will still always be required). Ice bin top adapter kits allow modular ice machine heads to be placed on almost any bin to provide a perfect fit. These products are just a few of the common ways to upgrade your machine with ice machine filters and accessories.