Fryer Baskets & Accessories

Make sure your fried foods are better than the rest with fryer baskets and accessories!

Fryer baskets are necessary for holding fried foods before, during, and after the frying process. These baskets are made of strong steel that can put up with the high heated oil. Regular fryer baskets are available in multiple sizes to accommodate any size commercial deep fryer you may have. Baskets are also available in either rectangular or circular designs.

For those establishments that serve deep fried tacos, chips, and tostadas, we offer a nice selection of taco baskets. Taco baskets make frying up deliciously fried Mexican dishes easy and simple for users. These taco baskets are made of strong stainless steel that will last for years and be easy for kitchen staff to clean.

Fryer screens and filters are excellent accessories to have when setting up your fryer station. Joiner strips will allow you to easily connect multiple deep fryers if your kitchen needs to produce higher volumes of fried goods. Finally, it will be hard to properly clean your deep fryer without a fryer brush or cleanout rod.