Commercial Microwaves

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Commercial microwaves are useful for quickly defrosting products, reheating already cooked meals, and warming delicate foods.

In almost every kitchen, be it commercial or residential, you are sure to find a microwave oven. They're also a common appliance in workplace break rooms, hotels, concessions, dining halls, and even some restaurants.

Restaurant microwaves can effectively defrost frozen foods while accelerating the thawing process and lowering the risk of bacteria. They can swiftly reheat previously cooked items quicker compared to most water baths or steamers.

Commercial microwaves have several advantages that make the investment more than worthwhile, despite the fact that it may be tempting to utilize a home microwave to save on the initial cost. Due to their frequent use, commercial models undergo more rigorous safety testing and contain internal stirrers to guarantee that food is heated evenly. A residential microwave could generate issues with health inspections and insurance policies because they are less strictly controlled.


Commercial microwaves are small cooking appliances that can sit comfortably on you countertop, under a prep table, or on a shelf. Generally the widths of these models range between 13" and 25". Internal capacity will be specified on product pages. Smaller units will provide internal capacity around 0.5 to 1.0 cubic feet. Larger units can reach internal capacities up to 1.6 cubic feet. With their compact and stackable designs, commercial microwaves are sure to fit almost anywhere in your kitchen.

Usage Level

Commercial microwave ovens are available in heavy, medium, and light duty designs. Each have various features designed to suit any kitchen’s specific needs.

Our heavy-duty stainless-steel microwaves will provide you with excellent power for many years to come. These units provide 2000+ watts of power, meaning they are ideal for cooking high-volumes and prolonged, constant use. Many of our models come with programmable features which can make life easier for your employees and kitchen staff.

Medium-duty microwaves are ideal for convenience stores since they can provide good production throughout the day, have larger internal capacities, and higher wattages. These units can be used for a vast amount of foods.

Light-duty microwaves are perfect for any commercial kitchen that is low on space or only reheats small amounts of food at a time. These smaller and less powerful microwaves are still excellent tools in any kitchen.

By adding a microwave shelf to your kitchen wall, you can save some additional counterspace.


Stainless steel is the most common construction material. The stainless steel interior and exterior, as well as removable air filters help make cleaning a breeze.

LED displays allow for easy operation by all kitchen staff or customers. Many commercial microwave ovens are equipped with solid-state programmable controls, making them more user-friendly and more powerful than comparable models for homes.

With our large range of wattage options and styles, you’ll be able to find the commercial microwave to best fit your business or home. Choose from great models available from some of the best names in foodservice including Amana and Panasonic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Microwaves

What’s the difference between commercial microwaves and residential microwaves?

The main and biggest difference between commercial microwaves and residential models is cooking power. Commercial microwaves are built with more power in order to be more successful in high-volume environments. Residential models will have significantly lower voltages and wattages. Also, NEMA on commercial models is less likely to match outlets in average homes. It is important to not use higher powered appliances than your home kitchen is built to withstand. Failing to do so, can lead to costly home repairs.

Commercial equipment warranties may be voided if used in residential settings. Be sure to check product owner's manuals to ensure units are safe and covered for residential use.

What types of commercial microwaves are there?

  • Light-Duty - Usually around 1,000 watts. Great for small-volume use throughout the day. Ideal for wait stations, break rooms, and concession stands.
  • Medium-Duty - Usually between 1,200 - 2,000 watts. Ideal for convenience stores, cafes, bakeries, and commercial kitchens.
  • Heavy-Duty - Usually anything above 2,000 watts. Great for high-volumes of use everyday. Ideal for cafeterias, restaurants, catering companies, and full commercial kitchens.

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