Crepe Makers

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Making delicious, mouthwatering crepes has never been easier than with a specially designed commercial crepe baker.

We offer both low voltage and high voltage electric crepe baker models to satisfy the needs of your kitchen. Commercial crepe makers are perfect for providing a flat, even surface allowing room to form, move, and flip the perfect crepe. Just pour your batter onto the hot plate and in a matter of minutes you’ll be ready to serve.

While crepes allow an operator to be extremely creative with fillings, a quality crepe stove can help consistently create the perfect texture and finish. Add a restaurant crepe maker to your menu to introduce your customers to a world of exotic flavors and ingredients. Commercial crepe makers are a low-cost option to diversify your menu and produce unique delicacies.

Using a steel turner or rubber spatula, operators can easily flip items without any sticking to the hot surface. Help your kitchen staff produce consistent results every time with a crepe maker.

Thanks to their compact design, crepe makers can be easily transported for baking breakfast in any location. These units only require a simple electrical connection. A crepe maker is great for catering companies and breakfast restaurants. With a great manufacturer like Waring, these units are sure to help your kitchen create the perfect crepe that your customers will be lining up for.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crepe Bakers

What is a Crepe?

A crepe is a French style of thin pancakes. Crepes originated in western France in the 13th century. The main difference between crepes and pancakes is the baking powder in pancake batter. The baking powder helps pancakes rise and get fluffy. Crepes do not contain baking powder, thus giving them their flat finish. Crepes are often either filled or topped with savory or sweet toppings.

How To Use a Crepe Maker?

Turn on the machine and adjust heat to your preference.

  • Oil the cooking surface.
  • Pour batter onto hot surface and use a spatula to try to form batter together.
  • Cook batter and flip when appropriate. Around 30-90 seconds, depending upon heat temperature or desired consistency.
  • Take off finished crepe and serve.